Building A New-Look Great Wall

Here's a short notice that just came in via email from FuelMyBlog, a community site that is dubbed "The Great Wall." BTW, here's a sneak preview of their new logo. I think it looks great.

FuelMyBlog people have given notice that a new site would be ready and coming on live pretty soon, maybe in a day or two.

FuelMyBlog is a site that makes it easier for bloggers to get introduced. By having your avatar "pasted" on "The Great Wall", people will be able to read your blog by clicking on your image.

So, here's another free membership community site that's going to make a great impact on the social network scene if the people behind FuelMyBlog continue to keep the momentum going.

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Carol said...

I really like the concept of this Community. I like the whole idea of getting to see how other's are doing up their Blogs, designs etc. and of course..I like free!