Hats Off To Charismatic Blogs

Most people, I believe, have an eye for good graphics or aesthetic designs. Being a MyBlogLog member, I have the good fortune to come across some really good designs on blogs among fellow members while surfing.

Whether they did those eye-catching headers and pages on their own or engaged a web designer to do them is immaterial in this observation. These are pages that take on a charisma of their own. Your eyes are easily drawn to them.

You can see screenshots here of some pages which I had picked up. If you really want to have a real look at the actual pages, just click on them.

I'm sure there are many well-designed blogs or websites of which I'm not aware of yet. Hopefully, I'll get to discover more of them in my journey in Blogosphere. I've seen some great websites but for this post, I'll just stick to blogs.

I appreciate a well-designed page that's not all flash and clutter. And also avoid creating a cacophony of colors on your page. Understanding typography is another important aspect of good design.

As we all know in design circle, form follows function in graphic design. They are the two key components a designer must consider first to achieve a successful balanced design apart from knowing what the editorial content is all about. Page design is merely the last step of the editing process.

We are not designing for ourselves. We want the reader to be attracted to the page and read the content. People know what they like in terms of "design" when they see it. This is what we call effective visual communication.

Although views may differ according to each person's taste, they know a good thing when they see one. That's the universal truth.

Blog or website design, just like traditional publication design, is not a mystical being. According to well-known publication design guru Jan White, 90% of what is called "art" or "design" in publishing is really nothing but common sense.

WHY DESIGN?: The true purpose is to make dull material interesting. Catch the reader's attention. Hold it. And transmit the message.

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scorpy said...

Nowadays, I noticed blog themes or templates are getting to be like minimalist sites. Guess it could well be a trend to go simple and eye-candy design that probably are just distraction. I think most people visit blogs to read stuff and not to admire the nice "wall paper". Maybe, it's just me thinking that way.