Link...And Ye Shall Have Good Standing

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If this picture does not convey to you the importance of links...then I supposed nothing will! You see we just can't get away from this unending story about links.

It has been pumped into our wooden skulls, time and time again, that to beef up your link popularity you must have inbound links to your site to gain good standing especially with Google PageRank. If you're viewing this site, look up to your Google toolbar and you'll see I don't have that green thingy. That says a lot about my inbound links.

Anyways, this blog is pretty new on the scene. It was launched just about two weeks back. Who knows, it's probably stuck in that mythical "sandbox."

Many newbies would not have realized this until much later into their blogging lives. If you're one of them, take heed that a search engine will love your site if there are inbound links.

So you must get to work on your web promotion strategy that will ensure you get so-called "authoritative links." Mind you, if you can successfully achieve this, it will probably boost your standing and you can give yourself a nice pat on the back.

Here's some help that will show you the way. This is a recent post on Search Engine Watch that might help you see the light at the end of the link tunnel.

11 Guidelines for Getting Authoritative Links

  1. Focus on links from authoritative sites that are relevant.
  2. Be prepared for the fact that success in a campaign to get a link from an authoritative site might take many months.
  3. Be prepared for your strategies to fail more often than they succeed. If you do a really good job, perhaps 1 in 4 of your campaigns will work.
  4. Be prepared to invest in building a relationship. Your first communications with the authoritative site may not include a request for a link.
  5. It's a campaign. You need a strategy, and it may have multiple steps. Be prepared to invest in the strategy to make it work
  6. Know that they won't link to you because they want to help you make money
  7. Know that they will link to your site because your content is valuable to their users (and because they actually care about their users).
  8. Meet their needs.
  9. Study their needs. Figure out what they need, and then figure out which of their needs you can meet. One way to do this is to review things written in the past by key contacts at the site. They may have expressed a need, such as "I wish I knew how to ...", "The web needs a resource that ...", etc.
  10. Be opportunistic. Your target site may identify a need that you can address. Jump on it as quickly as you can, and then fill the need completely.
  11. Invest more in your first 2 or 3 killer links than you will in the ones that follow it. Your first authoritative link will simplify obtaining the ones that will come later, as that endorsement makes all the difference in the world.
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Chris Y said...

Good advice. I'll try to follow and hope my blog will improve. I'm just blogging for about a month.