Of Hiccups and Humility

The social media scene seems to be stumbling upon one pothole after another. The latest being the "Shoemoney Affair" that has got the wags having a field day.

Well, the latest is that everything is patched up between MyBlogLog and blogger Shoemoney. That's good to hear, and kudos to Eric Marcoullier and the team at MBL for having the gumption to admit the slip-up and eventually put out the fire.

Although social networking sites are currently the rage among the blogging crowd, it's evident that sometimes there are unforeseen cracks in these communities. We get to hear about spammers,
mavericks, spoof artists, gamers and other types of blogging delinquents.

No doubt, there are those who just can't help but to have a bit of a lark. Maybe sometimes blogging can become boring if you keep harping on the same topics everyday. So, why not go blog wild for
a change!

MySpace and YouTube have shown that social networking can be infectious. Advertisers and marketers are not complaining. Other community sites like MyBlogLog (acquired by Yahoo! in January) and StumbleUpon are attracting thousands of members. And there's a new one up your street - it's called BumpZee!


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