Taking The Next Logical Step Forward...

Bloggers are now publishers, creating marketing niches (read The Long Tail) that would eventually outgrow the traditional media as a new generation of bloggers join the blogging community.

The Blogosphere has become the ad hunting ground for marketers who are already seeing the Big Picture.
Enter TheNextPost where anything that CAN be written will be written here...and writing for profit usually comes to mind. And obviously, it's quite natural for one who's a freelance writer to look for writing opportunities.

Consider this new blog as an offshoot of the growth of my earlier blogs CommonSense With Markk and WiredHoundBlog.

The upshot is that I can now expand on my blog writing covering a more diverse field of interests that my earlier blogging ventures CommonSense and WiredHoundBlog would not allow me to do if you understand what I mean. I'm not the type who go for a mashup of things.

Here I can produce an everyman's personal view of knowing the "write direction" to making dollar and sense while blogging... and that would be helpful to other bloggers, too.

I'll be scanning the New Media horizon for new revelations in the industry and the "next best thing since sliced bread."

Just like the tagline in the header says: The NextPost is simply the next logical step to take in my blogging journey.

"No man but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money." - Samuel Johnson 1709-84: in James Boswell Life of Johnson (1791) 5 April 1776.

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Jeff L. said...

Hi Next Post,
Thanks for your immense help and comments. I like your wit and smooth style. Keep up the good work.