Writing Up Mooney And Link Love

Please excuse me if I have to write one more post about link love.

Writer and blogger Paula Mooney (pic), who has expressed great admiration for high-riding blogger John Chow as a friendly, helpful and successful entrepreneur, is taking a cue from this Vancouver guy.

Right on...she has just shot off a new post. Well, I happened to be at the right spot at the right time to catch it!

"I'm all about the link love...I'm gonna bite off his idea," writes Paula with enthusiasm and bravado.

And how she's gonna do that? Yeah, you got it...she's inviting you to review her new-look blog and add a link to it. Well, I'm doing it here...right now!

It's all right to give her a piece of your mind. For better or worse, Paula will give you link love in return.

She writes...

Blockquote Getting links from other blogs back to your blog gives your blog more authority. Giving links to other blogs that don't have as much authority as your blog is also goodwill."

Here's the good vibes:

If you have been visiting Paula's blog, you would have noticed it's got a makeover...boy, oh, boy, ain't it a darn good sight.

Man, it's neat with a kinda cool elegance and the layout is better structured. It's adios to the clutter that was there in the old template.

The sidebar with snappy descriptive text complimenting the photos and cartoons is a great idea. It maintains your interest as you scroll down but I hope she will update some of the pix after a while to keep that column looking fresh.

Here's the not-so-good vibes:

As you keep going south on her blog (it looks like a long, long way down), some of the old habits seem to have taken residence there. It sort of breaks away from the new theme with those second vertical column cutting down the center.

You bet, I've seen the old look. But now this one is at least roughly up my street. Paula has made a good choice of the Blogger template. The design is a good attempt.


Paula Neal Mooney said...

Thank you so much, Markk!

Okay, I'm gonna gather up all this advice and link to you in an upcoming post by this Friday.

And I'll remember to head over PayPerPost to review you, too.

Thanks for playing and spreading the blog love,

Markk said...

Paula: Right on!

Paula Neal Mooney said...

Here you go, Markk: Paula Mooney: It's kinda disconcerting to see your own face on someone's blog...

Thanks for the link love and review!