Ain't You Gonna Get Link Love?

Suddenly people are reviewing each other's blog and getting link love in exchange for the job done.

That seems to be the craze right now. Thanks to John Chow who has staked the claim that he was the one who started the ball rolling.

As I write, he has reached his "batch 29" of reviews. Being John Chow has its advantage. With a blog that's enjoying great success, who wouldn't want to link up with the dot com moghul?

It's a runaway review train that's gonna garner John a zillion links!

In John's own words: "That is just insane!"

Okay, I've done a review for Paula Mooney's blog and she has returned the favour. I must say we've been very honest about our reviews and that's good. I'll mull over some of her suggestions and see what action I should take.

I also noticed that Ilker Yoldas of The Thinking Blog, one of my favorite sites for a good read, is thinking about spreading some link love as well. Read "Free Design Contest and Lessons To Learn."

Well, it'll be interesting to see how this link love fad catches on with other bloggers.

And what about me? Oh well, you know...!


Paula Neal Mooney said...

Hey, thanks for even more link love today!

And I love Ilker's blog, too.

Did you see that pic of the redesign he proposed for John Chow's blog?


ilker said...

Hey, thanks guys!

Any chance I get a review from you as well? :P

Markk said...

> Ilker :
OK, let me take another look at your site first. Give me a bit of time.

Wally Banners said...

I feel dumb couldnt find the give love link..sigh..
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