Careful, Don't Be "Hasta La Vista"!

Can't blame Bill Gates for being passionate about Vista, Microsoft's latest version of its Windows operating system.
Launched on January 30 under the glare of media hype, it was hailed as "a huge milestone" for the technology industry.

I was contemplating on upgrading but usually I'm like a tortoise trying to get from point A to point B.

Well, bless my soul, I AM A TORTOISE!

If I'd make haste I would have regretted my action. Being the type who usually check things out first, I'm now getting feedbacks on Vista. And it's not the kind of news that would make you jump for joy.

PC users who had made the switch are telling sob stories. Vista is causing some hiccups for them.

People are discovering that Vista is a demanding operating system. Many PCs do not have the capacity to upgrade to the operating system.

As Tim Weber, BBC News Business Editor, pointed out, Vista "comes with plenty of pain."

Tim admitted he's "a sucker for technology" and took the plunge and found himself "caught in the Vista trap."

But to be fair to Microsoft, Vista is, according to Tim, slick, fast and very user-friendly. Only if you can iron out all those wrinkles in the first place.

So, should you dive in now or hold back for a while? Tim's advice is to "wait for half a year until the driver issues are settled."

Vista PC Specs:
Vista capable - 800MHz processor, 512MB memory, DirectX9 capable graphics processor

Premium ready - 1 GHz processor, 1Gb memory, 128MB graphics memory, 40Gb hard drive, DVD-ROM, Internet access.

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