Cool Site: The New Thinking Blog

Oh boy, I'm back. I was under the radar the last few days. And also somewhat under the weather, too.

One of the surprises I've noticed is that the ever-popular The Thinking Blog has got a new URL. Our dear blogging buddy, the ever-thoughtful Ilker Yordas, has finally established a "proper domain name."

Now, I must say, the site is looking real neat and cool. No longer do we see the side column that used to hang loose way down the page (but that was probably due to some technical issues then). So, this has been resolved.

I'm happy to see that the charismatic header has been retained. It has always being one of the strong points of Ilker's blog. Many visitors have commented on it, and so it stays.

It seems the brushed metal look is a favorite. You can see nice touches of it in the post modules and on the side column, too. It blends well with black and white.

Overall, this is a great, charismatic blog that has everything going for it. It's almost as close to elegant minimalism in design as you can get.

But visual appeal is one thing. A blog with crappy content can only pull it down even though it has the looks. I would like to believe that bloggers keep coming back not because of the avatar showing that striking face with a come-on look but for the "content of value" that represents The Thinking Blog.

This is not the case with Ilker's blog. When I first stumbled upon The Thinking Blog last year I discovered that this blog was full of good read. I became a fan and I'd thought the thinking alien fetus avatar was kinda cute to look at.

The Thinking Blog is rich content-wise. It has a kind of savvy when dealing with certain topics which, obviously, indicates that Ilker always do the homework first.

BTW, Ilker has swapped avatar again. So it's goodbye to the hibiscus lady who, Ilker admitted, is Uruguayan pop singer Natalia.

By now, The Thinking Blog is a celebrated site. It's link popularity has soared to over 43,000 after I did a check.


ilker said...

I'm honored, Mark!

Thank you

Haunted TUNA said...

That was a good written review.. I've never heard of this blog, but I guess it's popular. I broswed it and I like it! :-)

install zwinky said...

mmmmmm tuna, same here. browsed it liked it!!!!