Hey, Where Did You Get This Great Idea?

Guess I gotta write a follow-up to yesterday's "Link Love Day" post.

Some of you would be wondering where I got this "great idea" as queried by Bryan of Bryan_Baker Dot Com who writes a blog spotlighting "entrepreneurial motivation."

(Hey Bryan, did you notice I got you linked? You don't have to wait for "Link Love Day" to get it! It's no big deal giving a link here and there, so long it's done seamlessly as you write your post.)

Well, Bryan, I was just sitting here checking on a few "big-time" blogs and marvelling at the massive tide of comments flooding into those blogs...and wondering why bloggers have a tendency to target so-called celebrity blogs.

And for the rest of us, the blogging proletariat, we are left with crumbs!

I don't have to elaborate but most of us know why. As far I'm concerned, I just see that the Blogosphere is not a level playing field.

Yes, I originated this linking idea. And it's all right for others to follow suit. There's no copyright to this thing.

Those who are not so savvy at blogging or they are just newbies are always at a disadvantage to gain link popularity. Like they always say: The rich keep getting richer.

The pundits keep saying your blog must have good content and be authoritative if you wanna move up the hit parade. True, it's up to the individual to write a good blog and keep on progressing.

They also say you must have that green PR thingy showing up so that some advertisers would then recognize that you've got a "good blog."

Have you ever seen some blogs with a PR2 to 4. And these are blogs with Alexa ranking ranging from 900,000 to 4,000,000. How is that so? Because they have many bloggers linking to them? All right, you may say don't read too much into those figures. And rightly so!

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