How To Combat Culture Of Fear Online?

It sticks in the craw when you get to hear that bloggers, especially women, can be abused online with impunity by the perpetrator.

The case of
prominent blogger Kathy Sierra who was intimidated by a series of abuses and death threats has prompted much of the blogosphere to rally round in support of Ms Sierra

I'm sure we're all behind Ms Sierra and should condemn the bloggers who issued those threats.

We must acknowledge that her blogging ordeal is not an isolated incident. It can happen to anyone if the blogosphere continues to be like the frontier days of the Wild West.

Now bloggers are beginning to wake up and some of the high-profile web experts are calling for a code of conduct in the blogosphere.

Tim O'Reilly, regarded as one of the web's most influential thinkers, told BBC Radio Five that it could be
time to formalize blogging behaviour.

Robert Scoble, who authors the popular technology blog Scobleizer, also condemned the campaign against Ms Sierra.

The culture of fear and abuse online has become a stark reality. It's a disturbing situation in the blogging world and I'm sure a lot of decent folks would like to see that this dark side of blogosphere is never allowed to propagate itself.

It's not uncommon that some bloggers have experienced some kind of cyber-bullying and sometimes it really sucks. Some may say it's harmless feuding that's part and parcel of being a blogger.

But when it takes on a sinister tone, it's time to act.


Keith said...

Hey Markk.

This is the first I'd heard of that story, but that is some really, really disturbing stuff...

Markk said...

> Keith: It happens all the time in the blogosphere and the suggested code of conduct may not be realized because it's almost impossible to implement in a democratized blogging environment. The Kathy Sierra incident was the most publicized because she's well-known.