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I've just installed a blog widget that's called Autoroll. (scroll down the sidebar and you'll find it). It will automatically display the top ten links to blogs that your readers should like. It's something new recommended to me by a blogging friend.

Oh, oh, that word "links" is popping up again. This is the third consecutive "links" posts I've written and readers here must be thinking this guy is going nutty on links!

Well, maybe. When somebody shout "links" I couldn't stay cool as a cucumber. I just go cubercum!

But seriously, I'm giving Autoroll a try-out to see what sort of benefits I'll get out of it. I have not seen a lot of this widget on other blogs. Perhaps it has not caught on yet. I don't know.

From what I had gathered, this widget had been tested and works on blog platforms such as Blogger, TypePad, WordPress (not wordpress.com), blogSpirit and DotClear.

Here's how it works: Cookie information helps trace the number of visits of each unique reader on every blog that has installed AutoRoll. This information is then fed to a "Recommendation Engine," which computes blog affinities in real-time. The more often a reader visits a specific blog, the greater his affinity is with that blog.

Cool benefits: It's claimed a blog will receive highly qualified incoming traffic because other similar blogs display your blog on their AutoRoll. Last but not least, you will also get a complete private reporting module that contains valuable statistics on impressions and click-through rates (CTR) to and from your own blog.

I won't get to see the actual results yet. It may take several days before I start to see some changes on the Autoroll. If you think you wanna go nutty on links like me,
you can sign up for free and get this widget now.

BTW, if it ain't what it's cracked up to be, we can happily dump it on the roadside!

P.S. Mar. 13 - Almost two weeks later...I've to admit this widget didn't really set this blog on fire. It was acting funky today causing my layout to go out of shape. So I have to drop it...yeah, on the roadside!

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