Should We Be Running On Empty?

What is a "running entrepreneur"?

I guess it has got something to do with... well, running and becoming successful in some kind of business.

I was asked by Bryan at Bryan Baker Dot Com to give my thoughts on what he's planning to do. He said he was inspired by another friend.

So what is he up to?

He's starting a series that's gonna deal with Motivation...for the entrepreneur.

I must say Bryan did a good write-up about his intention to get his concept up and running.

He wrote about his first cross-country runs and thought that it was speed and endurance that count. As a runner he began to experience "transitions that closely mimic the larger changes I've experienced in my life."

He tried to run faster. Next, he tried to run farther. Finally, it dawned on him to accept himself, his limitations, and to appreciate the joy and meaning of running.

My thoughts: In life, I guess you got to keep going in order to reach your destination. As we all would discover, sooner or later, that your true competitor is your ownself.

If you can be better than your ownself, then you don't need to worry about others.

There is a quote in Bryan's post that says...

BlockquoteDon't bother just to be better than
those around you,
but strive
to be better than yourself."

Yes, that quote sums up what it's all about.

I learned this from somewhere that we have only two choices:

  • Become an entrepreneur but don't jump in on impulse. Weigh the pros and cons carefully. Look at your own talents and the resources available to you.
  • Don't do it...and maybe spend the rest of your life wondering "What if I had..."
And finally, here's another quote...

BlockquoteThe distance is nothing: It is only
the first step that is difficult."


Bryan Baker said...

Thanks so much for a detailed review of my post. I'm glad the quality of my writing allows for you to use some quotes and ideas in your own blog as well.

Your thought that we must keep going to reach our destination, for our true competitor is ourself is great!

Let me know when you post about something related to being an entrepreneur, running, motivation..I'd love to return the favor :-D

Markk said...

Thanks Bryan. Go ahead and do what you think is best.

Tisha! said...

Being an entrepreneur is TOUGH and yet so rewarding and like you said I never wanted to get to the point where I'd ask myself "what if I had".

We definitely need endurance cause it takes a couple of years before you start seeing the fruit of your labor but when you do what a feeling of accomplishment!

Interesting post Markk!


Markk said...

> Tisha: That's the spirit, Tish!