Online Entrepreneurs: Dreamers Or Schemers?

Late night
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Are you planning on becoming a successful entrepreneurial blogger? If you surf the blogosphere you'll be amazed that there's a multitude of them out there.

You can be sure that there are millions who are hoping to make money online.

Many are making decent moolah. Yet there're many more wannabes who are still floundering and groping their way around.

No wonder so many are looking up to successful bloggers like Darren Rowse, Jeremy Shoemaker (aka Shoemoney ) or John Chow?

Look at some mommy bloggers who are happily making money online by writing reviews on products and services. It shows they have the determination, passion and, perhaps, more free time to go about it.

And there are those who are into some affiliate marketing programs and making good money, too.

With the Internet, the rules of doing business have changed: An individual can operate a SoHo and make money online with a global presence.

The wired frontier has opened up great opportunities. From America to New Zealand, online entrepreneurs are sprouting and populating cyberspace.

I read somewhere that entrepreneurs are not only dreamers, but they are also schemers. Know how to dream and put your vision into action - that's the way to go.

If you have developed a passion for it, you will love thinking about it, conceptualizing about it, and working at it. In short, you'll love succeeding at it. Would you? Even if you have to spend late nights?


Christy said...

I am one of those bloggers looking up to Problogger, there is definitely money to be made blogging. It's actually quite exciting. Since I've been making money on a blogspot, I decided to go all the way and purchase my own website, the opportunities are endless if you work hard enough at it. Great post!

Markk said...

> Christy: Glad to hear you're doing well there.

Ariel said...

You get what you can you know, but I belive that if you look at your plate it's better cause there will always be someone out there that will make a little more. So in our site we try some of all, Google ads, Ebay affiliate program, and then some more. I agree with you that you have to like it for what it is and not for the money.

Jenny said...

Great say Markk! i believe many give up too early when they do not see the profit at first. but then, passion always come first!!

Markk said...

> Ariel & Jenny:
It's true that without passion...and lack of success, many will drop out. I also believe that those who know the ropes can always help the newcomers. There's nothing to lose with this gesture and more to gain later. But sadly, many others prefer to stick to their own clique. And, of course, there're snobs as well in blogosphere.