StatCounter Get A "Shocking" Offer

Almost every website or blog has a stat counter indicating the number of visitors coming in. Standard stat counters are usually free.

Well and good, but if you're aware that this web tracker includes cookies on your site, what would be your reaction?

StatCounter, one of the most popular tracking services, have revealed that they were approached a few months ago and "offered lots of $$$."

What galled StatCounter was that this unnamed party asked to include a spyware cookie on all of their member sites.

And StatCounter turned down the offer "on the spot" saying it was "shocking."

Here's their take on why this offer was rejected:

BlockquoteWe don't believe that we should abuse our member websites by sneakily using them to place OTHER people's cookies on THEIR visitors' browsers. When you log onto the StatCounter website, we display ads to fund the service. This can result in cookies being created. As happens on any site. In fact, as you browse the web, you pick up lots of cookies. Our point is, that we do not force extra cookies on the people who visit YOUR site. THAT is what is happening with another provider. "

If you don't like the idea of having a spy cookie on your site and you're using
StatCounter service, then let's hear a sigh of relief! Makes me wonder...

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