Surf The Web: Money For Nothing

It was an offer you could not refuse. Just surf the web and you'll be paid. The more you do it, the more you get paid.

Sounds familiar.

I'm not writing about Agloco which has become quite a hot topic right now after Kumiko put the issue on a hot plate at Kumiko's Cash Quest and at Trader's Narrative.

I'm just bringing back memories of AllAdvantage.com for the benefits of many new bloggers who may not be aware of this company where you were supposed to make money for nothing by signing up as their netsurfer.

Back then, there was a slew of similar set-ups jumping on the "get paid to surf" bandwagon, but AllAdvantage were regarded as the best of them.

I joined AllAdvantage then thinking the whole concept to be the next best thing since sliced bread. Well, I ended greatly disappointed when everything went bust.

There was a huge clamor to sign up. AllAdvantage was the darling of the Internet fraternity as membership, which was free, grew by leaps and bounds. If I can remember correctly, the membership figure hit more than 2 million as was reported then.

They had a toolbar that kept track on your surfing but the euphoria started to die out as surfers began to realize that it could sometimes be a pain to surf the web.

Well, the whole concept was like...here today, gone tomorrow.
In fact, AllAdvantage ran into some tsunamis.

Surfers faced compatibility problems, especially for those residing outside the U.S. AllAdvantage and most of the Get-Paid-To-Surf programs were US-centric.

Bugs and frequent server hiccups were a major headache. Slow load-up created more frustration.

Those who thought they had earned their dues through hours of surfing would later discovered that the money had mysteriously disappeared from their accounts.

Having recalled this tale of woes, I must admit again I did sign up with Agloco sometime last year, thanks to some "gurus" who were confidently saying this time it's the real thing and not the Real McCoy. Makes you think more about these "gurus," eh?

But now people are wondering why the Viewbar is being delayed once more and the question of share options just can't seem to make much sense. So is this gonna be an Agloco scam as hinted by some people? I won't be pushing Agloco anymore, just leave it there. After all, I only got seven downliners. No big deal.


Dale Ng said...

Opting out of Agloco? Why make such a rash decision?

Chris Yeong said...

Mark why give up so fast. Just delay to release the Agloco Viewbar and jump into the conclusion is too rash. There are blogs that speculate it may release the viewbar on next monday 9th of April.It may not be true but I still trust it is not scam.

JT said...

This is a very interesting model. I know the founder of a company called ZotSpot that does the exact same thing. Paying people to search seems like a "no-brainer" model. I still haven't figured out how they avoid click-fraud...