When Blog Catalog Gets Your Goat...

Having experienced community blogging at MyBlogLog for about half a year now, I must say I've thoroughly enjoyed the many friendly exchanges with other member bloggers.

Not only have I made many blogging friends but, at the same time, I've picked up a great number of "tips and tricks" about blogging. Mind you, there's a wealth of information available out there about almost anything under the sun.

I've also noticed that traffic to my blogs has increased. Thanks to MBL, I'm getting more visitors but that doesn't mean one can be complacent. To maintain a decent flow of traffic, you have to keep blogging with new posts. But remember you don't have to force yourself to do it if you have to attend to other more important matters.

This blog, The NextPost, is the result of my enthusiasm to expand on my blogging experience after starting with my first blog CommonSense With Markk. The Next Post's first entry "Taking The Next Logical Step Forward" briefly explains why I started this blog as a compliment to the CommonSense With Markk blog.

The NextPost was launched on February 18 this year. It's hardly three months old, so it's still a fledgling blog if you want to call it that.

I've managed to push its Alexa ranking from above 4,000,000 to 363,700 as of this date, although its Google PageRank is still nowhere in sight. But according to Page Strength, a search engine optimization metric that forecasts the potential strength and ability of a Page to Rank in the search engines, The NextPost has a 2.0 Page Strength (you can see it on the sidebar).

I believe I've managed this by posting "relentlessly" almost every other day until I reached this position. But it's one heck of a task to carry out. Frankly, I've been slacking of late. I think I'm in need of more energy revitalizing blogjuice to maintain the pace!

So what's next?

The other day, I'd thought maybe it's time to join another blogging community. Blog Catalog came to mind. It's Recent Viewers widget looks like an MBL widget. That's familiar.

So I went over to BlogCatalog and signed up for The NextPost. Great!

And surprise, surprise! They came back via email saying The NextPost was reviewed but, unfortunately, Blog Catalog were unable to grant it access to their directory. (The NextPost is a member of the MyBlogLog community, no problem there).

I thought maybe there was a slip-up somewhere, so I tried again to sign up making sure everything was in good order. And voila! back came the same answer. I guess that's enough for me, they can go stick it up somewhere. I have no problem joining MBL, StumbeUpon, BumpZee, MyLot, etc., and now this one really gets my goat.

Below, in verbatim, are their "most common reasons" why I couldn't get into Blog Catalog, and what I think of them (in italized bracket):

  • You did not add a link back to Blog Catalog from your website.

    ( I made sure I added their link button and widget on my sidebar. I've taken them off now)
  • The URL you submitted is not a blog, is solely for commercial purposes, or is suspected to be spam.

    (Spam my foot! Read the content and tell me again)
  • Your blog is brand new and doesn't have enough content to make it truly valuable. If this is the case, please resubmit after you have made more postings.
    (Not enough content? Not truly valuable? More postings? They must be joking. How come Google granted me a PR2? Look at some of the blogs at BlogCatalog and tell me again.)
  • Your blog contains pornographic material.

    (Holy macaroni! Have mercy! Good people, please check this blog for pornies. )
  • At the time of review your blog was unavailable or there was a typo in your submission URL. Please make sure the URL submitted is correct and accessible. If you believe this to be a mistake, you can login to Blog Catalog and change anything which may have caused it to get declined. After updating your blog, it will be put back into the submission queue.
    ( I checked, performed due diligence and everything was in perfect order. So why the rejection again? C'mon, gimme a break!)
    For whatever reasons they may have against this blog, I don't give two hoots now. There are better things elsewhere. Time to move on.


Dale Ng said...

Looks like Blog Catalog is a dumb place to go. They have no sensitivity how people feel when one wrongly criticises their blog which they lovingly nurture.

Markk said...

> Dale: Whether their review of an applying blog is managed by a human being or a bot is no excuse for this insensitive response.

google said...

Been using BC for some time and I think they are kind of good..

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