From The Gulf Coast To The Heartland...

Remember New Orleans, August 29, 2005?
Remember Greensburg, May 5, 2007?

Two days after a massive tornado levelled Greensburg, last Saturday, The Wichita Eagle headlined:

"Greensburg Is Gone, It's Future, Unknown."

The article opens: "This sun-baked High Plains town no longer has a grade school, a high school, a City Hall, a hospital, a water tower, a fire station, a business district or a main street. It has people, but all 1,400 of them live elsewhere today."

Two different places - a city and a town. But both sharing the same grief and losses when struck by natural forces of destruction.

The Big Easy ravaged by Hurricane Katrina, and now this small Kansas township in the U.S. heartland.

*Mary Gauthier sings "Mercy Now" in the video footage.*

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