Psst! Are You A Blogging PRO?

Oh no, I don't mean a Blogging Professional!

What I mean is: Are you PageRank Obsessed?

Well, Google have, more or less, completed their updates of PR for blogs. And I think most bloggers are happy with the results regarding their blogs' standing.

For those who are new on the blogging scene, you need to be mindful of your blog's ranking if you have any ambition to go far where making income online is your ultimate aim.

Here's a brief take on this ranking syndrome...

Google PageRank is a number from 0 to 10. Technorati Rank is a number calculated on basis of total incoming links and can vary from 3 to4 million to 1. An increasing number is good for Google PR but not so for Technorati Rank.

If you want to know more, there's a recent post over at Beta Blogger 4 Dummies that explains what you need to know about ranking...and also over at Search Engine Land.

Your website was accepted!

That was the email I received from ReviewMe that this site has been accepted and is now ready to accept review orders.

The price for a review on The NextPost will be $40.00 per review. I was told I may accept or deny any reviews that are ordered. Now I've to go over to ReviewMe and grab my badge.

Meanwhile, I've to say this. I've been blogging for about three months now on The NextPost, cracking my head and churning out post after post. Never expected this turnaround so soon.

There's no 2000 Bloggers or Technorati Favorites Train here. No Review-My-Blog-And-I'll-Link-Back-To-U stuff. Maybe a couple of self-initiated Link Love handouts and a Tagging exercise which I didn't really follow up enough.

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Dale Ng said...

That's a good pun of PRO for Page Rank Obsessed! And how appropriate.