ReviewMe Say "Sorry" With A Refund

I would like to put it here on record that ReviewMe had kindly replied to my complain about that crappy review of The NextPost by this blog called "Blog Corner" (No, I won't link to it this time. The link is in my previous post if you wanna go and have a look).

Here is the reply from ReviewMe Support:

BlockquoteThanks for notifying ReviewMe about this blogger. I am sorry this review was approved. I have canceled the review for you and you will be refunded for it at the end of the billing period if it is not replaced by another review."


Sandra said...

That's good news. I hope the next blogger gets to write a review about your site will do a better job!

Markk said...

> Sandra: Thanks for your comment.

MoneyFromHome said...

You were right in complaining. But its also good to see ReviewMe did the right thing and refunded your money.