How To Win The Waiting Game

I'm sure a lot of bloggers who had registered with SponsoredReviews are still tapping their fingers patiently or just getting a wee bit frustrated with the extraordinary long waiting game.

For those who are still waiting for an assignment, the only news from them is via the email where they provide you with their pearls of wisdom about how to run a good blog, how to write good posts and a lot of other how-tos.

So now they have written another article explaining why their very fussy advertisers do not accept every bid. And what the poor blogger can do to improve his/her chances.

They are telling us SponsoredReviews is "not a free-for-all marketplace" like their competitors. If you do not already know, here's the lowdown on why their advertisers reject or ignore bids:

  • Our advertisers are inundated by hundreds of bids.

So what to do? Yes, cherry pick from the best of those bids. Wait a few more days for review feedbacks. If your blog does not stand out, you probably won't get a second look.

They look for relevant blogs first with the "right audience" for their product/service/website. If you have a "lousy" site then it's "thank you, good day" to you!

The other factor is how much you're bidding. Don't be too greedy like asking for $100 when another blog with similar stats as yours is only bidding for $50. If that's the case, then you don't stand a ghost of a chance.

  • Our advertisers are value shoppers

Now here is a possible problem with this "blog blindness" on the part of the advertisers. A $100 bidder can be so good and professional with the copywriting that will make their product shine, but no, they'd rather pay for a $50 post or even less that may well have grammatical errors and typos that will make an English teacher cringe! Does that reflect well on their products then?

  • Make your blog stand out from the crowd

So how? After the bid price, your blog's title is extremely important to the advertisers. So you're told to be creative like, instead of calling your blog "Joe's Blog" you will do better by giving it a title like "Joe's Technology and Gadget Blog." In short, the right title sells.

That triggers off alarm bells in my head. Is my blog "The NextPost" irrelevant?

Here are 3 keypoints to note if you want to succeed with SponsoredReviews. These are their suggestions:

1. If you include the category of your blog in your title and it matches the category of the advertisers product, it will get noticed. If you have good pagerank or a lot of readers, you should say so in your title. i.e. “Joe’s Technology Blog (PR6)” or “Technology blog w/ 10,000 Readers”. If you cannot fit everything you want into your title you should include it in the first line in your description.

2. Take advantage of your description - This is especially important if you are charging a higher price. Why should an advertiser choose you? Do you write great reviews? Include links to a few examples. Do you have a large readership? Include stats at the top of the review. Do you have expertise in a particular area? If so, you should say so.

3. Blogs with their own domain name get noticed - You are many times more likely to sell reviews if you have your own top level domain. While there are some great blogs out there hosted on sites like Blogger etc…, it is a misconception by many advertisers that if the blogger doesn’t have their own domain name they are not serious about blogging. (Well, that's good for a snigger).

The cards are laid on the table. You can continue to bid for assignments at SponsoredReviews or you can sit back and wait for advertisers to buy reviews directly from you.

Here's SponsoredReviews' parting shot:

Last but not least: Don’t forget to promote that you sell reviews on your own site. If you write great reviews people will want to buy from you."

What do you think?


Christy said...


I'm really new to Sponsored Reviews and so far I don't like it. I'm with a whole lot of other companies and I find them all on an easier system than sponsored reviews. It seems like a waste of time searching for jobs that you may not ever get when the other companies just simply offer you the job. "Just my opinion."

Hope you're enjoying your weekend Mark,


Markk said...

> Christy: You're right on there. They make themselves so picky they suck unless they can change their attitude. If you noticed, my post is a bit sarcastic with them. The truth is all my submissions were rejected. I have no problem with the other postie companies.