Time To Get Smart With Smorty

If you're one of those posties who blog for money and don't hesitate to sign up with every new get-paid-to-blog service that comes along, then Smorty might be your next stop for such opportunities.
There's not much difference between this new kid on the blog (block) and the others that had made the blogging scene. Basically, you'll get paid for blogging.

Smorty will connect advertisers with bloggers who qualify to write opinions on their services or products. Like most of these services, you are required to pump up at least a minimum of 150 words about products or services.

For the advertiser:

One particular aspect that these guys are telling advertisers to advertise on blogs is that their search engine rankings will improve with quality inbound links.

The content thread of blogger reviews will get the advertiser's site greatly indexed by Google spiders and thus increase website traffic.

For the blogger:

Smorty is free to join. Once you're approved you can start taking opportunities although I have noticed that there's not that many choices at the moment. Hopefully, blog advertising will increase as Smorty rein in more advertisers.

Be mindful that your blog's page rank can affect your income. Smorty will pay a higher rate for blogs with higher score based on their unique ranking system. Basically, you get more campaign offers and more higher priced campaigns for having a higher Smorty score.

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