What Do You Want, RSS Feeds Or Emails?

Mr Shoemoney brought up the question of whether people prefer full RSS feeds or not in a recent post. And he has got this feedback: The majority of readers, it seems, want full RSS feeds.

Shoemoney had switched to partial feeds but now he has switched back to full feeds after a poll on what people prefer.

There have been contradicting opinions on this feed issue. I guess it all comes down to the individual's preference.

Why I Prefer Full RSS Feeds

If you asked me, I'd prefer full feeds where I can read whatever on the spot without going through the hassle of clicking to the source for a complete read.
You can call me lazy for that.

In fact, I hardly read up my RSS feeds, even at Google Reader. Some people may swear by it, but I guess I'm too lazy to visit Google Reader or any of the other feed readers to check on new stuff coming in. Sometimes I forget my login or password and have to try a few times before I get it right.

I may subscribe to them but that's about it. My line of thinking is that if you want to read a post it has to be complete...right there on the spot. Not just a few lines and being asked to click to see the full article. No way.

There are sites that do just that, giving you only the few lines of their posts and expecting you to click and keep going to and fro if you want to read them in full. To me, that's damn tiring! But I guess their argument may be that they're showing visitors there are "many interesting posts" on their sites. Well, to each his own.
I feel doing this is like breaking your train of thoughts. Going from one place to another and then coming back again to check on the other stuff. It sounds a lot like nit-picking 'cos I'm not used to it yet. Maybe I might come around to it later.

Why I Prefer Email Subscription

So it's no-no to reading RSS feeds and partial posts for me. I subscribe to sites I want to read via email. I check my email, well, almost everyday.

These posts, coming via email, usually give me ideas of what to write myself. Sometimes I get the first sniff of some new developments in the industry. If the post topic is not interesting and not worth archiving, I just delete it.

The upside to email subscription is that there's no need to visit a particular site and sometimes getting frustrated while waiting for it to load.

So going through my emails is just like managing incoming information on a daily basis at one control center without the hassle. And it's a breeze...at least for me.

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