Is The Writing On The Wall?

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I have been found wanting in my English language usage by a blogger. His judgment is based on his critical reading of my blog posts. In his opinion "this blog's language just isn't compliant with strict grammatical standards."

He felt that The NextPost should maintain a high standard as expected from one who is involved in copywriting and editing. Although he does not mind misspellings or slips in grammar at all, it shouldn't happen here for The NextPost. He expects a high standard from yours truly.

In short, the standard of writing on this blog is rather poor for a copywriter and editor. That was his personal view.

As I see it, my blog posts were put through his 'word grinder' and it literally churned out the ominous message: "The writing is on the wall" - for me!

So what should I do when I write my future post? Should I pay greater attention on my writing style? Maybe I should...

  • make sure there's no slip-up in my structuring of sentences;

  • make sure of correct phrases, spellings and punctuations;

  • make sure the writing is not convoluted; and

  • not try to be too clever with play of words
I have to say he writes pretty good English. He mentioned in one of his posts that he's very particular about his choice of words. If he gets a word wrong, it will bother him no end until it gets corrected.

So am I offended by this revelation about my standard of English? Definitely NO. It's like a "wake up" call for me to be more conscious of the fact that there are people out there who see things from a different perspective.

Sometimes the style an individual projects on his/her blog do not resonate with another individual's taste. It's a fact of life for those who write online and we have to accept that.

This blogger's critique sparks the idea of writing this post. I was just wondering what the next post was going to be until this came along as a catalyst for me to get cracking. I'm happy for that.

I'm actually curious about what kind of writing style readers would like to read. So below here I'm showing some comparison samples of my writing style. I'll be glad to get some comments from readers as to which style they prefer.

Style A: This is my present online writing style for this blog. I've extracted some samples from previous posts just to illustrate my point. I try to write casually in an informal manner. The style is usually in conversational mode with some interjections thrown in for good measure. Usually I do my blogging and writing my stuff way past midnight. Quite often I linger until almost dawn.

Style B: This is a style I would use when writing articles or reports for the traditional print media. It's more formal and less gung-ho.

So, here are the 10 comparison samples:

Example #1
Style A:

I don't know, but from the vibes and bytes that are floating around, a great number of bloggers seem to be going ga-ga about linking up to each other.
Style B:

My observation is that many bloggers are getting "link love" mania as attested by many posts raving about this blogging approach to gain more links.
Example #2
Style A:

Prove me wrong that these money-centric blogs are just about the busiest in the business. They're so busy pumping blogjuice. If you don't step out of the way, you'll be run over!

Style B:
Those blogging for money are among the busiest in their quest to drive traffic to their blogs. If yours is not a money-making blog, they will not be interested in visiting your site.
Example #3
Style A:

My line of thinking is that if you want to read a post it has to be complete...right there on the spot. Not just a few lines and being asked to click to see the full article. No way.
Style B:
When I read a post I don't like to see a few lines of text on a page. I'm not in favour of clicking in order to read the full article. I'd much prefer to read it in full on the same page.

Example #4

Style A:
Meanwhile, the blogging Gods of Mt Olympus (aka the A-Listers) don't need to scurry around lookng for links, they sorta perch at the top and watch us little rabbits do the running below.
Style B:
Meanwhile, the A-Listers can look down comfortably from their ivory towers, enjoying the view as they watch the blue collar bloggers trying their best to get links.

Example #5

Style A:

Man, it's neat with a kinda cool elegance and the layout is better structured. It's adios to the clutter that was there in the old template.

Style B:

Now, I like the cool elegance of her blog. The layout is better structured than before. You do not see the clutter that was there in the old template.
Example #6

Style A:

I'm sure a lot of bloggers who had registered with SponsoredReviews are still tapping their fingers patiently or just getting a wee bit frustrated with the extraordinary long-waiting game.
Style B:
I'm sure many bloggers who had registered with SponsoredReviews are feeling frustrated by the long wait to get approval to do a review. Who is patient enough to wait this long for an answer from them?
Example #7
Style A:

Right on...she has just shot off a new post. Well, I happened to be at the right spot at the right time to catch it!
Style B:
She has just finished a new post on her blog. I caught it while checking my email today. I subscribe to her blog via email.

Example #8
Style A:

Maybe sometimes blogging can become boring if you keep harping on the same topic everyday. So, why not go blog wild for a change!
Style B:
Blogging on the same topic or theme everyday can become boring to your readers. You need to inject some adrenaline into your writing to grab attention.

Example #9

Style A:

It has been pumped into our wooden skulls, time and time again, that to beef up your link popularity you must have inbound links to your site to gain good standing, especially with Google PageRank.

Style B:
It has been drilled into us numerous times that inbound links are crucial for websites to gain good standing, especially with Google PageRank.

Example #10

Style A:

Also, I have observed some bloggers who are blogging like there's no tomorrow. You can say these are the ones who are literally blogging while they eat and sleep! Man, are they flogging!

Style B:

There are some bloggers who just can't seem to get enough of blogging. They'll stay online for hours, sometimes it's like an eight-hour job for them. They literally eat, sleep, and blog!


Well, I hope these samples will shed light on the way I think and write on different platforms. Yes, sometimes I like to have fun when I write a blog post. If it's still not good enough, perhaps I should take up a new profession...hmm, maybe as a cook.


Make Money Online said...

My English is sub par, I admit that, but I want to teach people how to earn money online and not how to write fluently. We are not all good at the same things

lakedaemon said...

Know matter what writing style you choose there is going to be someone who objects. The whole point of blogging is meant to be a free expression of the person in a real time atmosphere. I do like grammar, don't get me wrong, but I would be more annoyed at seeing bad grammar in an essay than a blog. If I had to worry, double check, re-read and get a copywriter to proof read every time I wanted to post to my blog, I think I would go nuts.

Markk said...

> lakedaemon: I appreciate your great understanding as to how we view blogging. I share your sentiments. The important thing here is to get the message across.

Christy said...

Mark, there will always be critics, try not to let it bother you. The higher up you get, the better you do, the more people will criticize and even insult you. If you weren't blogging well, then how could you have come this far?

You're doing great, don't even worry about what someone says!!

Markk said...

> Christy: Wow,that's a bonus for me! No, I wasn't worried about snobby types. I enjoyed writing that post.

lakedaemon said...

Goldang!! Spelt no wrong in previous post. That's me for the high jump...

Lillie Ammann said...

I've just discovered your blog and haven't read much of it. But as a professional editor, I work with writers to make their work more readable. Generally, I recommend that most writing, including blogs, be informal and conversational. Of course, I cringe at numerous egregious spelling and grammar errors, but in the little I've read of your blog, I don't see any indication that you consistently make those kinds of errors. Most people prefer to read a blog that is in the voice of the author - that sounds like you're talking to them. As blog readers, we're not looking for academic treatises, we're looking for simple, interesting, conversational writing.

GeologyJoe said...

I usually like to try and write like I speak. It can add confusion, for sure, but I think that once someone can understand my wording and meanings then its more fun to read.

That said, sometimes if a specific thought is trying to be put across, there is no substitute for proper wording.

Markk said...

> Lillie: Bless you for making my day. Your comment resonates with my own thoughts about blog writing. For me, normal writing is no problem. Informal and conversational writing is something I've to get used to as I blog. I know I'm not really "with it" yet but I love to keep on trying. Thanks a bunch!

> Geologyjoe: Well said, buddy! I believe that's how it should be.