New 'Save & Share' Bookmarking Button

According to Wikipedia, a social network in its simplest form is a map of all of the relevant ties between the nodes being studied.

Such a network is comprised of nodes which are generally individuals or organizations linked to each other by a common value, idea, kinship and so on. You get the drift?

Based on this concept, SynergyMX.com have introduced their new web service called Synergy Shared Link Service.

This is a free signup service whereby you get their script that will generate social networking links from any site. It will appear on your site as a button that will enable visitors to share your site with more than 50 social networking sites.

I won't say it's a new idea to generate links because other parties like AddThis.com have also gone this way by providing free social bookmarking buttons for users.

But then there's no harm in trying out something new which may turn out to be useful. I have installed their "Save and Share" button and it looks pretty neat for a start! It's at the bottom of this post.

Give it some time to see how it works out.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, it may be something useful to use on my site. I'll give it a try.