Review: DHTML Software Tool For Websites

Ever wondered why computer games created using DHTML (Dynamic HTML) in the early days of the Internet faced differences among browsers? It was a real pain then for software developers who had to implement many techniques in code to enable compatibility on multiple platforms.

However, recent convergence towards a web standard has made the design of DHTML games more viable. Other website features based on DHTML coding such as rollover buttons or drop-down menus on a web page have also become powerful tools for web professionals.

Likno Software, who have been developing DHTML applications, have rolled out their new enhanced version of AllWebMenus PRO v4.2.654 which is a powerful software engine that allows web developers to easily create DHMTL menu cum JavaScript menu for their web sites. It comes with cross-browser support and works under new Windows Vista.

Likno's new product is claimed to be user-friendly and the intuitive interface allows for powerful customization with hundreds of combinations. To get a real feel of it, you can download the application to test drive its various features. Are you game for it?

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