Blogsvertise are doing some cleaning up!

It seems Blogsvertise are performing some "moving and shaking" operations to enhance their paid review service. If you're one of those slacking accounts whose participation level is deemed to be "very poor" then you can expect to get suspended.

According to Blogsvertise, "low participation levels among some bloggers has caused the service to not run as effectively as it can."
Recently, some accounts have been suspended for not responding to tasks assigned to them.

In order not to clog up their system, account holders are required to either "accept" or "decline" tasks that are assigned to their blogs.
I usually receive email notifications of new tasks but if I'm not interested in writing any I will go over to Blogsvertise and decline the offers.

Perhaps, not many bloggers realize that it's better to decline an offer rather than keeping quiet about it. Blogsvertise have always stressed that bloggers are not required to accept any task, but by not responding with a yes or no, they are holding up the process in the system.

According to Blogsvertise, advertisers pick or request specific blogs to advertise on but they were disappointed in their response rates.

Suspended bloggers will be notified via email. If you want to become active again, you have to sign on and decline any expired tasks. At least for now, nobody is getting the chop!

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independent news said...

I have been submitting to a review site and I have thought of trying some others. Would you recommend using this service, or others on a smaller blog, or is that over doing it if you use one already? I don't want to overwhelm my users with advertising posts all the time, but I need to make some sort of profit off of my site to keep it going.

Markk said...

I've joined almost all the review sites in the universe but I only write posts that I feel are or can be made relevant to my blogs. Well, I've PPP, Blogsvertise, Smorty, Sponsored Reviews, ReviewMe and Loudlaunch on my list of review sites.

You don't need to overwhelm your readers with paid posts so long as you make sure you have interim posts.

Komik said...

I can't get any reviews from any of the websites that markk listed and I have a PR 5 blog with 7 months of content... I guess I have to wait a little more..