CriticsRant.com: A place to rant and rave

Fret no more if you're an ardent fan of new movies, tv shows, or even video games. Here's the lowdown: CriticsRant.com is where the action is. It's a website showcasing tv shows, video games and movie reviews.

CriticsRant.com will love to see you get off the couch and say something - yes, register yourself at the website and joined up with like-minded movie aficionados to rant and rave about your favorite movies and tv shows. How cool can that be?

Once you're a member of this community, you can plunge into rounds of
movie discussions with fellow fan-atics over what's new and what's hot - new movies, DVD releases, and the hottest tv shows. It's a happening site where you stand to win free DVDs by just giving your two cents worth of opinion on a daily basis. The more you participate in the discussions, the more points you earn and the better your chances of winning.

Oh yes, before I forget, as a registered fan you'll receive the Daily Rant Newsletter and exclusive special discounts and offers from major entertainment retailers. If you wanna stay on top of your favorite TV shows or movies and rant to your heart's delight, you have come to the right place.

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Great site. Thanks for the heads up!