Entireweb updates its affiliate programs

European search engine Entireweb has come a long way since it was launched in May 2000. A team of youngsters in Halmstad, Sweden, inspired the creation of Entireweb in 1999 and by the next year this search engine took off and never look back till today.

Although Google has taken over as the world's search engine of choice, many Internet users still turn to the Entireweb search technology. With more than 100 million indexed documents, Entireweb has continued to expand its online database of searchable information.

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Apart from being a company involved in search engine technology, Entireweb also runs affiliate programs. Recently, the company has updated its affiliate programs with the following products:

Express Inclusion.
You get your site listed in the Entireweb Network, which receives over 100 million searches every month and includes premier partners such as Mamma.com and IxQuick.com. You promote Entireweb's fast inclusion program and earn 20% of the purchase price of each sale.

Site Inclusion
. You earn 20% commission for sales of this product. Priced at $349.00, this means $70.00 in commission for a single purchase.

It's Entireweb's pay-per-click contextual advertising system. Relevant ads will automatically be displayed on your site. You'll be paid for every click. You earn 20% of all deposited funds in your account. SpeedyAds is for publishers and advertisers.

Newsletter Advertising.
You get 20% of the purchase price every time advertising spots in Entireweb Newsletter are purchased.

Affiliate Program.
You refer new affiliates and earn a second-tier commission of 10% of any purchases that your sub-affiliates generate.

If you're a webmaster running several websites, all you need to do is sign up once for this free service and you can place their banner ads on almost any website, or even in emails.


stubsy said...

"You earn 20% of all deposited funds in your account"

Thats an interesting idea does it mean the more funds you have the more you earn per click?

Markk said...

> Stubsy: You can get all the information by visiting the site of Entireweb.