Get Over That PR Jitters and Get A Life

Normally, people associate the abbreviation PR with Public Relations, but in the world of blogging, PR stands for PageRank, an innocuous coined word by that Mountain View giant Google out to rule the Internet. And PR has become quite sinister in its own ways.

Sinister in the sense that, once every 3-4 months, like some unknown virus it manifests a kind of mental angst upon bloggers who become irritated, agitated, or even intoxicated by the very thought of PR.

Over at Dean Hunt's blog, he's having a piece of his mind about webmasters
"who have better things to do than to be listening to endless threads, blog posts and nonsense about the upcoming Google PageRank update."

In simple term, as the good doctor would say, they are getting the PR jitters. Wondering whether their blogging lives will be going North or South. Who knows, a quiet visit to your regular head-shrinker might help to calm you down. He'll probably tell you not to keep starring at that little green thingy bar less you might be hynoptized into a jelly-minded condition...and you might not get back into the Real World again!

This resounding motto should wake you up from that PR stupor: GO GET A LIFE!

C'mon baby, it's only an indicator to tell you the status of your site in the search engine result pages (SERPs) just like the Alexa ranking. Okay, you get recognized and you stand a better chance of making more money if you're one of those posties writing reviews and whatnot. But never forget, quality content counts in the long run.

Quoting Dean Hunt:

Blockquote Surely people have better things to do than spend hours in forums discussing a little green bar? Aren't we all tired of this by now? We should just focus on improving our businesses and the rest will take care of itself."
As you can see, there's no point in wasting time at forums where the PR discussions are just old baloney. Taking actions ahead of the Google Dance is a better proposition. Like they say, if you don't play, you can't win.

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