Welcome to www.thenextpost.com

I've finally gotten around to switching to my own registered domain at http://www.thenextpost.com/. It wasn't easy at first because, like a dingbat, I did not configure the transfer correctly. But after some consultation with the hosting company where I did my registration, the whole thing came together. This has been a PR4 blog and, sadly, I'm gonna lose it all. Got to build it up all over again, what a job!

So here we are to continue this long journey in blogosphere. Meantime, I've to update settings for the new URL and that means going over all those widgets, affiliate programs and what have you. That's helluva work in the coming days.

Meanwhile, I would like to humbly request all my favourite blogging friends who have tagged me in their posts or listed The Next Post in their blogrolls to kindly change the URL from http://thenextpost.blogspot.com/ to http://www.thenextpost.com/.

Also, I'll be sending individual messages to all of you taggers just in case you miss this one. Thanks and happy blogging!

1 comment:

Chris Yeong said...

Sure I will change it as I don't want to miss you.