Posties Beware, The Shadow Knows

It has to come, sooner or later. Posties who are believed to be attempting to game the PPP system will face a clampdown.

According to PPP, it's known that of late there's a small group of Posties trying to falsify their Google PageRank and Alexa ranking. And PPP are "saddened to see some of our long time Posties attempting to abuse the system."

Obviously, the culprits are being detected and the warning is out for them to get rid of the codes they are using for their redirects, beacons or any other form of stats manipulations.

They have been given seven days to comply or face the music.

That means the gamers will be booted out of PPP permanently. And they can also expect not to be paid.

Basically, PPP do not condone such acts and they have hinted that their competitors also share the same sentiment regarding this "black hat" tactics. When push comes to shove, they will take collective action by sharing database and detection to blacklist these blogs.

With one swoop, these Posties will be completely banned from joining any paid-to-blog companies. That's a horrifying thought to be left out in the cold.

Alas, the culprit can't claim that this ranking spoof was done accidentally. The Ted guy knows it's next to impossible for that to happen. Go tell it to the marines!


Christy said...

I just think the changes that they're making over at PayPerPost are awesome. Since they started their Captcha spam program I've been able to get some jobs again over there (and higher paying jobs as well). I've also noticed that before the top daily earners were always the same people, but now it changes every day (like it should). So it looks like the honest people will come out on top after all! :)

Markk said...

> Christy: Thanks for that. Never crossed my mind that the daily top earners were always the same people.

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Thank you for sharing that!