Big Rush To Fix BlogRush

We're hearing fighting words coming from BlogRush aka John Reese (picture). And some humility about certain failures in their system. But that will be straightened out ASAP, according to Reese in his email to members Wednesday.

We know how much flak the CEO of BlogRush was taking from people who had signed up and then pulled out because they felt the system was a "dud" or something worse. Of course, there were those who didn't join and gave this network service short shrift.

Well, as Reese puts it, BlogRush did encounter "some problems" since the launch over a week ago, and he also admitted "some real goofs" with the system. You can say they were "completely EMBARRASSED."

So now they are seriously digging in, working around-the-clock "to make improvements and fix any problems as fast as humanly possible."

Writes Reese:

BlockquoteBlogRush CAN"T EXIST if we're not sending you a lot of ongoing, targetted traffic. We fully recognize this and that's why this is our ONLY FOCUS..."

Big changes just around the corner...

Here are some good news (that depends on how you look at it):

  • 100% manual blog review
    This means applying some quality guidelines and criteria to their decision-making process. "Junk blogs" will be rejected with no access to any BlogRush services.
  • All non-English language blogs will be purged from the network.
  • Quality control audit

    Every existing member blogs will be reviewed over the next several days. Those that don't meet their guidelines and criteria will be removed.
  • More categories to increase relevancy of post links

    There were calls for more categories or topics, and BlogRush have responded. Their directory of categories will be expanded.
  • Improved reporting on the Dashboard
  • Improved network traffic distribution and bonus credits allocations
  • BlogRush "Flavors" for the widget NOW available

    They have made it easy for you to apply the "Flavors" right onto your blog without doing copy and paste. There's an "Apply Flavor" button in the "Flavors" section for your account where you can do your selection. Just hit it!
  • New syndication feature called "My Post Control"

    This is under the "Settings" tab where you can add a keyword or phrase and create a new post filter. You can control whether this will be shown across the network or not. Your syndication credits will not be affected. This way you'll only syndicate your best posts. Sounds like a great way to optimize your content syndication.

And some bad news (depending on how you look at it):

  • Anti-Cheat measures to clamp down on cheaters and unethical users.
  • BlogRush will not hesitate to take legal action against abusers.
So is there a new lease of life for BlogRush? Firstly, it appears they are seriously taking action to stop the system from going down the drain, and that's a good signal to all the members who are experiencing poor traffic, click-throughs and some.
Secondly, if the "damage control" comes through with flying colors, then would it be a surprise to see blogs rushing back into the fold? There's no doubt about it that some quarters will still hold out and one of the grudges is that the widget adds to the clutter. But BlogRush have indicated they are looking into making a widget that can be customized.

Well, to each his own. Looking forward to rush hour. Or another damper.

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