Is BlogRush Dead In The Water?

The launch of BlogRush one week ago was a much-hyped affair with a massive rush by bloggers to get in early on this new traffic generating service. But it rapidly turned sour with many bloggers calling it an MLM or a pyramid scheme and that the system ain't what it's cracked up to be.

People were fuelled by the high expectations, and when positive results didn't come in early, many of them were just as fast in beating a retreat. Everyone has his or her own reasons why BlogRush is as good as being dead in the water within this short span of launch.

I wouldn't go so far in writing off BlogRush as a failure at this early stage.

We know John Reese (pic) and his team are working feverishly, if I may put it that way, to take out the gremlins in the system and improve on it. But somehow some people don't reason it that way. They are just simply brushing it aside or putting forth their own conclusions or theories why this BR thingy looks like a lame duck because early stat reports showing on their BR dashboard are pathetic to say the least.

Obviously, the so-called bad vibes one reads in comments on various blogs could have put off those who have yet to sign up with BR. This also sparks off post after post on why BR should be ditched because it won't be beneficial to users and so on.

They also thought the widget also "looks ugly" and takes up too much real estate space on their blogs. That makes me wonder if that's the problem faced by these blogs, how come they have other widgets like some of those community ones showing on their blogs. Makes you wonder, too?

But with this kind of heat, it's not surprising to see Mr Reese making replies to some accusations about the BR system.

Given the excitement and hype that surround the "rush job" launch of BR as I see it, the launch was bound to get some flak. In retrospect, if only BlogRush's launch was held back until the system is truly ready, then maybe the whole operaton could have gone a bit more smoothly. This may be just conjecture on my part -- only Income.com will know why they wanted to rush the product out.

New color variations for your widget

There are now new flavors for your BlogRush widget -- if you're still using the thingy. They come in several new color variations in the widget so you can choose one that will blend with your blog's color scheme. BlogRush have responded well by giving users these choices.But I hope they will go further by coming out with a widget that does not look like a widget - just give us the code that will only show links on the sidebar. I'm sure that will encourage the early dropouts to come back and give it another shot.Better still, why not make it resizable -- that will help blogs to resize the widget according to the space on their sidebars? And instead of restricting it only on the sidebar, why not design one that will fit in after a post, i.e. a widget that's either a square or a rectangle shape like the 300x250 Google ad?

And don't forget WordPress.com users

There are users with WordPress.com blogs wanting to use the widget but they can't -- because WP.com will not accept javascript. This may be an oversight by BlogRush. They can well ratify this by coming out with an HTML code version that can be placed in WP.com blogs. I 've seen quite a number of requests for this including myself because I have two other blogs running on WordPress.

Bonus credit system for low traffic blogs

Meanwhile, BlogRush are planning to add a bonus credit system to their service. This new credit bonus will only go to their low traffic members "since they need the help the most."

Yes, you heard right all of you who are experiencing low traffic to your blogs. According to BlogRush in their email to members today, this is one of their "many new improvements" that are on the way to help blogs get more targetted traffic by using their widget.

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BillyWarhol said...

I think BlogRush is OK + kinda c0ol*

The Proof in da Pudding for me was Clicking on a coupla the Links + discovering Blogs i did not know of*

+ I even saw my own Links up so it does work - now how much Traffic I will actually see remains to be seen*

For the dweebs who get a Knot in their Knickers Web2.0 is MLM or a variation thereof using Social Networking Referral Marketing + Viral Techniques!! + that is Awesome!! Surely they don't wanna go back to Buying Microsoft Word Crap at an outrageous Price, Forced on ya, Proprietary, with Bloated New Releases every 5 Years!! Sheeeeeesh*


I'm sure they will do quite well*

I've got a Widget Idea kinda similar to Me.dium + BlogRush + Feedjit but with a $$$ Twist!!

+ Totally WEB3D.0!!

Cheers! Billy ;))


Markk said...

> billywarhol: Cool, man!

seo company said...

its too early to say anything about the BlogRush. Well may be it meets expectation soon. Well i definately will try this.