Elite SEO Tool For Organic Search Traffic

Are you one of those technically-gifted webmasters who will not blow up when you are dealing with something... well, technical? Are you one of those who will not hesitate to apply your technical skills to tweak some software system that will enable you to ride high with search engines?

If you fit the gloves then you're all ready to make your site easily accessible to search engine crawlers. And the way to go is to start creating static copies of your dynamic pages. According to Google's Webmaster Guidelines, search engine spiders love static pages but first you need to set them up in the right manner - they have to be well-optimized in order to get organic search traffic.

Static Page Builder™ is a special SEO software that will do the job for you but using it is not for the faint-hearted. It's an elite SEO tool that will benefit internet marketing sites the most and you have to be web savvy to use it.

Although their search engine optimization service is not free, the company will offer a limited time free trial. If you'd rather have them to generate static page sets for your ecommerce site project, they can come up with a quote for you to consider.


lilyruth said...

and its great as always you always post articles of interest and thats why I love to keep coming back to your site to see whats new, but Id like your help with meta tags I have read up on it but I still do not know where do I place the meta tags at it says after title before head some say in web page others say template WEhere do I plae them exactly like do I open up the template and place them inside ther ?? and wheer? or do I place them after I write a post in the title part?? Can you help me out and tell me in simple baby word where I place the meta tags like what do I click and type ?? thanks..

Markk said...

> lilyruth: Since you're using a Blogger blog, the meta tags you refer to are the same as your "labels" which I can see somewhere at the end of your post. So you already got tags after your blog posts. But I'm wondering why you use so many quotes for your tags (labels)? You don't need to do that. Hope these are simple baby words for you to understand, LOL!

Markk said...

> lilyruth: Oops, I got it wrong in the first reply. Actually, you place your meta tags in your blog template but you must generate the tags using a meta tag tool. I know you'll be asking which part of the template - please check on meta tags at http://www.philb.com/metatag.htm.
More explanation at this site.

Costa Rica Real Estate Jack said...

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