Enter A New Hot Widget Called BlogRush

Do you remember an Internet marketing product called Traffic Secrets that was launched just about three years ago and became a sensational hit? The marketing genius behind this product that showed online marketers how to build a viral web traffic was John Reese.

Traffic Secrets
drove past the million dollar mark in sales in one day and made John the golden boy of Internet marketing.
Now the guy is back with a brand new, free traffic program and it's creating an online buzz. For all we know, John's just launched project which is called BlogRush is looking like another piece of hot cake. It could be viral. It's his first creation of his upcoming income.com network.

BlogRush is viewed as a blog syndication network system
that will drive traffic to sites once webmasters have placed a small piece of code on their blogs. To get this widget, all you have to do is create an account with BlogRush. Remember it's free.

Andy Beard over at Niche Marketing Blog got wind of BlogRush quite early and wrote a comprehensive report about it. He's upbeat about the program, at least for the short term, and bloggers are advised to get in early and promote it before it starts to explode. But that remains to be seen.

Just to allay the doubts of some bloggers, BlogRush have indicated that their program is NOT for spam blogs or blogs that are primarily filled with ads. They also seem to be serious about the integrity of their service. According to them, they will only approve your account if you publish a "quality blog with real value for a blog visitor."
When you join BlogRush, their system can detect where you come from. The originating blog gets permanently marked in their system as the "referrer" for that new blog. The original blog will earn additional "syndication credit" on all the traffic that the referring blog produces -- every single day.

And here's the icing on the cake, if that new blog refers another user, the original blog then earns credits based on THAT new user as well.

And what about the widget? Yes, each time a page loads with this widget, it will refresh with 5 blog post titles (along with the name of the blog or author; the user's choice) and a link to the full post and blog. The links - from related blogs across the network - open in a new window so it doesn't take a visitor away from the original blog showing the widget.

With BlogRush coming from a guy who has proven that he knows a thing or two about viral traffic, it's easy to see why the rush is on to get on the bandwagon. But wait. BlogRush may really turn out to be a wonder product or it may fall short of expectation. We won't know the fallout unless we try it out for a while and see how far it pans out. Remember it doesn't cost a dime!

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Bonnie said...

Time will tell, eh? I expect BlogRush to live up to the hype, (perhaps even surpass it once the TrafficJam element kicks in) based on John's past excellent record of "overdelivering" on everything he does. (And you certainly can't beat the price!) :-)

Markk said...

> Bonnie: It'll be wonderful if it lives up to the hype. Oh yes, the price can't be beat, lol!