New Affiliate Program From iWEBTOOL

There's not much fanfare about it but those who subscribe to web directory iWEBTOOL would have received via email the news that they have started an affiliate program. I subscribe to them for quite a while now to use their traffic services and other web tools they provide for free.

If you're into affiliate marketing, this will be welcome news for you. Yes, you can now sign up and earn some moolah online by becoming an iWEBTOOL affiliate.

What you need to do is refer potential customers to buy their products. They will pay 30% of the initial payment if any referred traffic results in a sale. Like any affiliate program your earnings or commissions will depend on the quality of the traffic to your site.

BlockquoteFor example, if a user on your website is referred to iWEBTOOL via a banner or text link on your website and purchases a product from our services such as a Directory Listing which is $9.95, you will receive 30% if the payment is made; simply because the customer came to iWEBTOOL from your website."

You need to have a PayPal account before signing up because that's how iWebTool will make their payments. According to iWebTool, payments or payouts are sent out upon customer request. You can only request a payout if you have reached $100 USD or more.


weehobbit said...

that's good news. I'll give it a try and see how it goes.

müzik dinle said...

good article,thanks a lot

Mike said...

I tried it and didn't like their system. They haven't updated some of their tools and are giving bad data. I found a better site for webt tools: http://www.nevew.com