See Your Blog Fly With Some SEO "Magic"

Heck, most bloggers will come around, sooner or later, to this line of thinking: How can I work out some magic formula to see my blog fly?

Well, this has got to be the basic dilemma for bloggers with their sights targetted at the stratosphere of blogging. To get there or somewhere thereabout, would you pay $12,000 to an SEO company or simply kick-start yourself by diligently doing your own research and go for it?

WebProNews editor and writer Jason Lee Miller has discovered such a guy who has proven it by taking his blog from a ranking of 600 to 14 in about 100 days - doing it all himself.

Eric Dytzel from NoviceSEO.com, who operates the website TruckerHub.com, uses his prime target keyword phrase "trucker jobs" to get from here to there.

WebProNews talked with Dytzel about his blog posting called “How I Went from 600 to 14 on Google in 100 Days.” Dytzel discusses the tips he found while researching SEO and he credits some well-known SEO bloggers as his resources - like Aaron Wall of SEOBook and John Chow (don't tell me you don't know him!).

If you would like to know how Dytzel did his "magic," please be informed there was none. According to Dyzel, it was just fundamental SEO involving content, design, links, and good old-fashioned marketing. Read more in Jason's article.

If you're a savvy blogger or webmaster, you'll probably know most of the tactics and techniques to gain page rankings. But, anyhow, here are 11 do-it-yourself SEO tips from the WebProNews article for the benefits of newbies:

1. Regularly updated, useful content

2. Submit your site to reputable directories

3. Get people to link to you

4. Stay on topic

5. Send out press releases

6. Test, wait, measure

7. Add ALT tags to images

8. Create link bait

9. Pay careful attention to keyword density

10. Think quality links, not quantity

11. Create title tags with your search terms

And here's the WebProNews video on the subject...

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Anonymous said...

I read this post and also read the same subject at John Cow's blog. Both posted on the same day, I like your post but I also symphatize with you for not getting any comment except mine while Mr Big Beef gets all the attention. That's the way the cookie crumbles in this world. Just putting in my two cents. Keep it up.

Christy said...

Hi Mark! Today I officially made it to A-Lister status...so they say, lol. I should write an article..how I made it to A-Lister by researching blogging on google! LoL. It's been working so far!

Take Care Buddy, Christy:)

Markk said...

> Christy: Hey, congrats. Let's bring out the bubbly! Check your link popularity just now and it indicates: Total: 37,551 AllTheWeb: 13,800 AltaVista: 8,510 Google: 655 MSN: 260 Yahoo: 14,326. You worked hard for it, so there you are.

The China Tattler said...

Great advice. However, as we all know, getting people to actually link to a site can be a long and difficult process...especially if the area you are writing about is unusual.

As for linkbait, you can't easily identify what that will be until it happens. I've seen very creative linkbait fail miserably while some lame bait takes off.

Costa Rica Real Estate Jack said...

These techniques are great! But I think when applying all these he or she must know how to do it effectively. Creativity and being articulate are of paramount importance.