What The Heck, No More PageRank Updates?

The last few days have seen a flurry of activities with the launch of John Reese's BlogRush... and the countdown is ticking away for DealDotCom.com to take off. Anytime now!

While there are some doubters, it seems the rest of Blogosphere are in a frenzy to get in on the action with these two new products. Well, you can say the thought of sweet traffic is driving them.

While everyone is scurrying left and right, here's the deal about the neverending story of Google PageRank.

Over at Search Engine RoundTable, it's latest post revealed that at the DigitalPoint Forums, a thread that was picked up quoted Google's Matt Cutts as saying you should not expect any PageRank updates.

Whether it's from the horse's mouth or not, the PageRank issue became a major topic of discussion on Sphinn. According to Search Engine RoundTable, many forum participants were of the opinion that PageRank should cease to exist.

Because of the contentious nature of the topic and with some people getting their goats with these long overdue updates, what is Google planning next?

You don't know. I don't know. Only Google knows. Would it be nice to ride the Internet highway without worrying too much about PageRank?


Daniel Sitter, Idea Seller said...

Thanks for the information. That's about as much an update as us non-SEO types want and need! It will be interesting to see what Google comes up with.

BTW... I found you through a BlogRush link!

Markk said...

> Daniel: Hey, that's good to know.

Fibro Viv said...

I agree with your comments and I like the name of your blog.


Markk said...

> fibro vic: Thanks.

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I think that PR is still important...But if there is no PR, there will be smth else. Big G will have new surprises I guess:)

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