John Cow Gets The Boot From BlogRush

The news is out. The John Cow blog just got the boot from BlogRush. Of all the blogs, the John Cow blog was among the first one to support BlogRush when the widget first came out while some others were rubbishing the widget.

But just hours ago, Mr John Cow was mooing out loud in his latest post that he's got the chop. Not that it's the end of the world for John Cow where BlogRush is concerned but it's the ironical twist to it that gets his goat.

And guess what...BlogRush's John Reese quickly stepped in to promise to look into the matter and find out what the beef is all about. Hmm, another round of the BlogRush saga is in the offing.

As we all know by now, emails have been posted to those who had signed up telling each one - who's IN and who's OUT.

Patience has been wearing thin at some blogs (I get the same feeling, too) while we wait and wait for BlogRush to finish their "repair job" on their controversial widget.

In retrospect, the initial rush by John Reese and his team to update their system was a bit too hasty.

It was like a half-cooked meal, and bloggers who had continued to carry the widget on their blogs started to get irritated and frustrated about the whole thing.

No surprise then that many blogs had dumped BlogRush. Mr Reese would have done better had he delayed the BlogRush launch until he's got every nut and bolt in place.

He can't go back in time to redeem himself, but just when we'd believe it's time to draw the curtains, in rushed Mr Reese with a new announcement today (after more than a month of silence):

  • 10,000+ blogs removed from BlogRush
  • Phase 2 is being deployed
  • And it's gonna be a "busy week ahead" with a hint of "a thin widget" to replace the present one.

    Great. Cool!
According to Mr Reese, they had swept those blogs "that did not meet our new quality guidelines" out of their entire network.

But like their earlier shoutout about making changes to the dashboard and all that jazz, this latest announcement also left some issues unanswered.

We're again promised that "lots of amazing improvements are in the works to help you get more daily traffic..."

While Mr Reese is updating his new widget and network, I won't be putting the present one back on my blogs - not yet until I see the real thing. I took off the widget from all my blogs a couple of weeks back.

Now, you'll be wondering - did BlogRush give me the boot, too?

I'm not celebrating with this answer: NO.


Nickelblue said...

Oh what a shame to see this ban thing on John Cow.com. Maybe BR will reinstate him

GeologyJoe said...

I suspect that BR will reinstate JohnCow but mainly because of the bad PR.
I too got the boot. The most aggravating thing is that I compare their 'criteria' to my posts and find no reason for being denied.

Markk said...

> Geologyjoe: Sorry to hear that, Joe, but it's nothing to lose sleep about.