PageRank Slapfest: Massacre Of The Blogs

The buzz is deafening all over the Internet as webmeisters discovered that Big G had gone on a PageRank slapfest. PageRanks of blogs and websites, including some big ones, are being cut down to size for reasons of which everyone can only speculate.
  • Could this be a PageRank update done automatically - or manually?
  • Is this a Netwide "distribution of penalties" or an ongoing adjustments of the rankings?
  • Has it got to do with the selling of text links and cross-networks linking?
But then some people pointed out that they don't sell links and yet they got hit. And ironically there are spam blogs or splogs that seem to have escaped this crackdown. Is Google going for them?

So where's the rationale?

Google's second wave of pagerank"adjustments" came as a greater shock than the first one. If you have been following this new development, you will know by now that some famous blogs are not spared this round.

Has Big G's algorithmic manipulation of pageranks gone bonkers or is there more to it than meet the eye?

There's hardly any news of anyone being upgraded. Most are just heading south. I reckon Google is not done yet. There might be more interesting development on the way.


Christy said...

As I'm reading your post I'm noticing your page rank is up to six. Holy wow. I know the rankings are still fluctuating but I hope you stay that way, that's amazing. :)

Markk said...

> Christy: Think you're right. I'm getting a sixer. I've checked as best I can and it continues to stay at 6.

Personal Trainer said...

Google had been steadily dropping the PR since their last update. The value of PR may increase in the future.

beautiful bottoms said...

I know a site that hasn't recovered from this update yet.

wooden gates said...

statcounter has been hit quite hard.
its down to 6 now, It was one time 10 right?
I think search ranking is more important though, I wonder if this is also being affected?

fractal art said...

I have a site that I lost all of my pagerank on, but I do not sell links or anything like that. What sort of other things could cause this? I don't know why I would be getting "spanked".

datant said...

Yep the worst thing the Goog ever did was publish that little green bar. Now that they post fake data it could actually do sites harm.

Mexico said...

statcounter has been hit quite hard.
its down to 6 now, It was one time 10 right?