When Big G Gets Mad With Your PageRank...

They are all going south! Right across the board. You can hear the outcry as Big G starts to penalize lots of blogs by dropping their PageRank a peg or two.

It seems like an angry headmaster with a big cane is on a rampage because some naughty students are up to some no good pranks. And it's got something to do with paid links.

Google has openly forewarned that there might be a crackdown on paid links like Text Link Ads, and so it has come true.

More reports are coming in about blogs getting the chop in this pagerank crackdown. PR6 blogs are demoted to PR5. PR4 down to PR3 and so on.

The high-profile site The Stanford Daily took a big dive from PR9 to PR7. Some well-known blogs that also got hit are JohnChow.com, Entrepreneur's Journey and Niche Marketing Blog

Every webmaster wants to see good PageRank because a high PR does bring along many advantages, including raising your position in the SERPs.

I have yet to come across a site that reports an upswing in PageRank. All we get to see is the downswing so far.

Why aren't we all jiving to Google's right tune?

Because there were not much action taken by Big G before and most blogs thought they could continue to get away with paid links and other manipulations to gain search engine ranking.

Could Google have done something that would help to warn those link buying sites that they might have crossed the red line?

There's a good suggestion from Search Engine Land that the green PageRank meter be changed to a red bar as a warning sign.

Is this a rationalization process by Google to bring the paid links issue under better control?

Well, Big G has shown its hand. However, as Search Engine Land puts it, Google itself will still allow paid links to be promoted in another way -- through its own ads. That's somewhat ironical, isn't it?

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lilyruth said...

Im glad I do not have to worry about this BS because my page rank with BIg G is ) ha ha ha so bring it on. To bad about those high ranking blogs tho!!!

Christy said...

It's just scary, I don't understand why it's ok for google to make money, but not the little guys. It's truly unfair. So what if blogger's earn money, page rank should be based on quality of content.

Can you hear the cries of blogger's freaking out everywhere? So many people are being affected by this right now...yikes.