Would You Wait 10 Years To Earn Some Small Change From Agloco?

It's really amazing to read the latest revelation about this "global company that will help you own a bit of the Internet."

When it was launched long ago in 2006, the great promotional hype was like a giant tsunami that swept along thousands of believers including some famous names.

Looking back it's amazing that some of these online marketers were plugging for this new start-up like it's the greatest sensation to hit the Internet. The herd followed.

It's free to sign up...it's gonna make you a good chunk of passive income...the people behind have raw talent...they have pedigrees and reputations...it's a revenue driven business model...you get share option...go Agloco!

stall their long-delayed Viewbar, surf the web and you'll be paid. And the more you do it, the more you get paid. Sounds familiar. Remember AllAdvantage?

So what's the latest revelation about AGLOCO
In their latest update on "distributions to Members" published on the company blog, they are telling members...

BlockquoteDuring the last three months, June, July and August, AGLOCO lost slightly more than $100,000."

And to make it look like things are looking up, they added...

BlockquoteThe AGLOCO losses are getting smaller each month and at this point, we anticipate the September loss will be $10,000 to $15,000."

If you're good at making sense of money, go figure it out for yourself where it's leading to for those hoping for a payout.

What payout? When? How about 10 years from today? Does that sound like a good deal? 

Any right thinking person will look at it as an incredulous proposal from AGLOCO. To announce something like this does not reflect kindly on a company that has performed a lot of twists and turns in their promos.

It's AMAZING that despite all this, there are still a number of astonishing comments in favour of the announcement. Some people always look on the bright side.

What can you achieve in the next 10 years other than surfing the web and depending on a Viewbar to calculate your pitiful earnings?

Well, you could get a good paying job, get hitched, win a lottery, become an American Idol, get elected as president, blah...blah...blah.

Or maybe time will run out on us on this planet before we can say "Thank you, Algoco."


Chris Y said...

I'll wait 10 years if I know $1million is waiting for me to collect. But $1? Agloco can have it back.

paper shredders said...

September loss $10,000 to $15,000 , well one can wait for 10 years if some one gets some really good changes from Agloco.

Quality Inspector said...

If i am sure that i would get millions of $ against it than i can wait .