2007 - Roller Coaster Year For Blogging

As we draw nearer towards the end of 2007 you can stop for a while and take a good look at the Blogosphere. So far it has been quite a rollercoaster ride for bloggers. Thousands or millions of new bloggers came into the picture. Social networking took on a new meaning as more social media sites come onto the scene. 

And there's more -- blogging soap operas, freewheeling blogging, parody blogs and dramatic turnarounds kept the Blogosphere alive with entertainment and frustration depending on which way you look at it.

The Google PR slapfest on "errant" bloggers was the talk of the town, adding fuel to the belief that the "do no evil" empire of Googleland was taking things too far with its hegemony over the blogging realm.

Bloggers of a few months are expressing themselves with elan and style, and moving forward like they have been around the Blogosphere for ages. That's like acquiring instant sophistication in blogging. They are more knowledgeable technically and well-informed with the latest trend and developments. Guess blogging is the rage among some bloggers.

Of course, there are also the "get-rich-quick" artists, the "snake oil salesmen" and the "smut peddlers" who are doing their rounds and catching some bloggers unawares.

Established blogs or even blogs of about three or four months old are literally being sold off left and right. And it seems that there's not a lack of willing buyers, judging by the recent sales of blogs like BloggingFingers for $6,000 and Blog Oh Blog for $10,000.

And just as I had written in the previous post, the samurai lady Kumiko had just pocketed a tidy sum of $15,000 after selling off her make money online blog CashQuests.com.

The sales of these blogs have triggered a new mentality that there's a demand from eager buyers who are looking for established blogs to kick-start their venture into Blogosphere. For whatever reasons, some other bloggers have come out of the closet to announce that their blogs are up for sale.
Blogtrepreneur Up For Sale!

As I was looking at my BlogRush widget, I noticed the headline that Blogtrepreneur was up for sale this morning. Clicking on it took me to Yaro Starak's Entrepreneur's Journey blog where Yaro broke the news that Adnan, the owner of Blogtrepreneur.com, had informed him a month ago that he had decided to give up blogging.

According to Yaro, Adnan has decided to first offer the blog to his readers to see if he can “keep it in the family” and sell it to someone who already reads and knows his blog. If he doesn’t get the price he wants there, he’ll move it to the traditional option of a Sitepoint sale.

While most of us may not visit Sitepoint.com that often, the recent spate of blog sales has generated enough interest for us to pay a visit there. You'll be surprised at the number of blogs that are put up for sale at the site. There are blogs that are selling at $70 and some are even asking for the astronomical price of $110,000!

The Name Of The Game

Now if you have a domain name that's generic then it would be much easier to get a buyer interested in your blog. CashQuests is a very good name for a blog that's targetted at the make-money niche. If the blog is under your own name then there might be a problem. You can get a little advice from a related post by Courtney Tuttle here.

Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but it has also crossed my mind that it may be a good time to sell off The NextPost. Established in February this year, it's doing quite well right now and if there's an interested party, the door is always open for inquiry.
The name could fit into any niche.

Why am I putting this "evil" thought into my own mind? I have five blogs and some websites to take care of and I'm finding it tough to juggle around in addition to my real world undertakings. The NextPost is my top blog now but I'm willing to let go so I can really start to seriously build up my new WordPress blogs which have been much neglected.

Am I dreaming? Well, maybe.

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chris y said...

Oh-oh, don't tell me you're serious about this. Nextpost for sale ur joking!

Markk said...

> chris y: No, if there are interested parties. Yes, I'm joking if nobody is interested.

pablopabla said...

Some will just buy your blog for the PR, which is heck of a lot!

Markk said...

> pablopabla: Until I get a clear sign from interested parties, I'll just sit and wait. No hurry, this blog is in safe haven...so far.

web tools said...

You have a nice blog,
And if you are not pressed for time, I don't see any reason that you may be considering selling this blog.

Markk said...

> web tools: You're right there's no reason to sell since this blog is generating money, thanks to the PR6. But...if someone is genuinely interested, I might reconsider my option if the price is right.

lilyruth said...

Hello Markk listen tell me how much do you think I could sell my blog for Lilyruths this and that? its page rank finally in google 4 and its ranking alright with all the others also. Its not very old at old what do you think I could get for it? honestly? and even tho it does say lilyruth it is a blog where you can post anything you wish! And Markk where do you go and sell the blogs at I heard of some auction site just for blogs but I do not know the address? can you help me out? and thanks

Markk said...

> lilyruth: Okay, Lily, the auction site is SitePoint.com.
You can visit this page for an example:

As for the price of your site, I'm not an expert on it. You can name any price you want and it's up to interested buyers to accept it or think you're crazy with that kind of pricing! Good for you to have a PR4 but the name may be a problem.

Hope you're satisfied with the info, Lily.

DP said...

Site price can view at DigitalPoint.com