Scratch My Back & I'll Scratch Yours!

There are widgets and there are widgets. And here's the skinny on another one that just got released from the Widget Factory. It's called Scratchback TopSpot and goes by the tagline: "The Fun, Alternative Way To Making Money Online". So who's behind this new idea that might make you a few good bucks or even more by way of people giving you TIPS to get topspot links on your blog?

Does Jim Kukral sound familiar to you? Yes, he's the online marketing guy who once started Blogkits - an ad-serving affiliate program that's now taken over by affiliate network OfferForge. So now Big Jim has just launched his new project Scratchback TopSpot under his company JFK Services.

What is this Scratchback TopSpot widget all about?

It's an online "tipping" system that allows bloggers or site publishers to accept tips and give back "links" or "images" in return.

BlockquoteYou name your price on your tips, and you earn money from every interaction through our easy-to-use automated system. It's free to sign up, and you can have a TopSpot widget on your website or blog in minutes." So says Kukral.

Here's a rundown of what you can do with this widget:

  • Accept "tips" from your readers easily & quickly
  • Offer text links or banners, your choice
  • Set your own price of your TopSpots
  • Give readers a fun way to participate beyond commenting
  • 90% payouts during beta! 
  • Make money and have fun!
  • Multiple & custom designs available

What benefits do tippers get from the blog?Well, Scratchback gives you the backlinks in return for your tips. Would you be getting a backlink by buying somebody a beer? On top of that you're getting the opportunity to display your text link or image and have a custom message on mouseover when somebody point at your text link or image.

If you're riding the widget on a high-traffic site, just imagine the amount of exposure you'll get for your blog. Is this good or bad?

Think of it as a fun thing when you throw a few bucks to the blog that is hosting the widget. Of course, you must have taken a shine on that blog to do what you wanna do!

If you're still thinking of the recent Google PR slapfest, Scratchback has assured users that their links will NOT pass PageRank. In fact, all links and backlinks to Scratchback in the TopSpot widget will have "nofollow" hardcoded in them.

What it means is that Google and other search engine spiders will not follow those links. But the good news is that those links are clickable. Did I hear sighs of relief? So we are assured that Google will not penalize us for using this widget.

Sure, I'll try it out and see how many people will tip me to have a link on my blog.


buckeyelee said...

It sounds interesting enough but I can see that low traffic blogs will not attract many tips or any at all. If you have low PR and link to a high PR blog you may get some juice.

Anonymous said...

@buckeyelee, actually, this was built for low-traffic blogs. The chances of asking your readers to tip you, and getting something back in return like a link or image is in our opinion far greater than hoping for a few pennies from an Adsense click?

At least we think so. Why wouldn't a loyal reader want to tip you for your excellent quality blog?

Jim Kukral

Jim Karter said...

Hmm. looks interesting. Nice tip.

RickNHS said...

Interesting product.. one that I'm definitely unfamiliar with. I'm assuming that there are testimonials from users of the Scratchback. I'm interested to hear about the results.

Alex Smith said...

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ellithy said...

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How to get rich using the internet said...

Great post. looks interesting. Will try it out and maybe come back with my opinion to this site.
Have a great day,

Minyak Lintah said...

Interesting... i never heard of scratch back before

BlogStruk said...

I think it's a great concept. As such, I just tipped you!

Markk said...

> blogstruk: Thanks a bunch for your gesture. Visited your blog, good site, good content. Wish you all the best.

Jason A Clark said...

I don't know if I'm sold on the concept of this widget or not. I've seen it on a lot of sites, but haven't seen many takers. I might be willing to try it, but I think I'll wait a while first.

drunk driving said...

This is one technique(method) I have never heard before. Although Scratchback sounds a little 'rough', I would be willing to give it a try. Thanks for this information!

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Cristian said...

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