Attaining Goals By Net Marketing Firms

One of my interests as an online writer is to follow new small and mid-size companies as they try to make their mark on the Internet. For most online start-ups it can be quite a challenge to meet their Internet marketing goals.
There are areas of expertise - social networks, web design, search and technology - in which most start-ups will consider roping in a social media marketing consultant to help them achieve bottom-line results.

If you are on the lookout for a consulting firm with the expertise, social media marketing company 10e20 falls into this category. They specialize in helping clients to meet their Internet marketing goals. This New York-based firm was founded in 2001 when Google was just about to become the Internet search engine giant that they are today.

Being there early has helped 10e20 to attain the kind of Internet expertise that puts them in a good position to provide clients with the right social media marketing solutions. The firm has expanded with a second location in West Palm Beach, Florida, last September. The West Coast is their next target, according to the company.


Monografias e TCC said...

In Brazil, net marketing firms have a softer life: everything is much more simplier than in the US. There are Google Adwords and SEO techniques. No blogs participation, nor communities.

Amilie said...

SEO Adwords is for buying traffic. For marketing use Google Adsense

UtahLuxury.com said...

I saw 10e20 years ago. Interesting to think that I stumbled on them before stumbleupon existed.

neil strauss said...

Just visited 10e20 website and they do seem to possess experience in their field.

Hunder said...

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I always look for great ideas like this one that you just served me :-)

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