New Affiliate Program From iWEBTOOL

There's not much fanfare about it but those who subscribe to web directory iWEBTOOL would have received via email the news that they have started an affiliate program. I subscribe to them for quite a while now to use their traffic services and other web tools they provide for free.

If you're into affiliate marketing, this will be welcome news for you. Yes, you can now sign up and earn some moolah online by becoming an iWEBTOOL affiliate.

What you need to do is refer potential customers to buy their products. They will pay 30% of the initial payment if any referred traffic results in a sale. Like any affiliate program your earnings or commissions will depend on the quality of the traffic to your site.

BlockquoteFor example, if a user on your website is referred to iWEBTOOL via a banner or text link on your website and purchases a product from our services such as a Directory Listing which is $9.95, you will receive 30% if the payment is made; simply because the customer came to iWEBTOOL from your website."

You need to have a PayPal account before signing up because that's how iWebTool will make their payments. According to iWebTool, payments or payouts are sent out upon customer request. You can only request a payout if you have reached $100 USD or more.


Big Rush To Fix BlogRush

We're hearing fighting words coming from BlogRush aka John Reese (picture). And some humility about certain failures in their system. But that will be straightened out ASAP, according to Reese in his email to members Wednesday.

We know how much flak the CEO of BlogRush was taking from people who had signed up and then pulled out because they felt the system was a "dud" or something worse. Of course, there were those who didn't join and gave this network service short shrift.

Well, as Reese puts it, BlogRush did encounter "some problems" since the launch over a week ago, and he also admitted "some real goofs" with the system. You can say they were "completely EMBARRASSED."

So now they are seriously digging in, working around-the-clock "to make improvements and fix any problems as fast as humanly possible."

Writes Reese:

BlockquoteBlogRush CAN"T EXIST if we're not sending you a lot of ongoing, targetted traffic. We fully recognize this and that's why this is our ONLY FOCUS..."

Big changes just around the corner...

Here are some good news (that depends on how you look at it):

  • 100% manual blog review
    This means applying some quality guidelines and criteria to their decision-making process. "Junk blogs" will be rejected with no access to any BlogRush services.
  • All non-English language blogs will be purged from the network.
  • Quality control audit

    Every existing member blogs will be reviewed over the next several days. Those that don't meet their guidelines and criteria will be removed.
  • More categories to increase relevancy of post links

    There were calls for more categories or topics, and BlogRush have responded. Their directory of categories will be expanded.
  • Improved reporting on the Dashboard
  • Improved network traffic distribution and bonus credits allocations
  • BlogRush "Flavors" for the widget NOW available

    They have made it easy for you to apply the "Flavors" right onto your blog without doing copy and paste. There's an "Apply Flavor" button in the "Flavors" section for your account where you can do your selection. Just hit it!
  • New syndication feature called "My Post Control"

    This is under the "Settings" tab where you can add a keyword or phrase and create a new post filter. You can control whether this will be shown across the network or not. Your syndication credits will not be affected. This way you'll only syndicate your best posts. Sounds like a great way to optimize your content syndication.

And some bad news (depending on how you look at it):

  • Anti-Cheat measures to clamp down on cheaters and unethical users.
  • BlogRush will not hesitate to take legal action against abusers.
So is there a new lease of life for BlogRush? Firstly, it appears they are seriously taking action to stop the system from going down the drain, and that's a good signal to all the members who are experiencing poor traffic, click-throughs and some.
Secondly, if the "damage control" comes through with flying colors, then would it be a surprise to see blogs rushing back into the fold? There's no doubt about it that some quarters will still hold out and one of the grudges is that the widget adds to the clutter. But BlogRush have indicated they are looking into making a widget that can be customized.

Well, to each his own. Looking forward to rush hour. Or another damper.

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Elite SEO Tool For Organic Search Traffic

Are you one of those technically-gifted webmasters who will not blow up when you are dealing with something... well, technical? Are you one of those who will not hesitate to apply your technical skills to tweak some software system that will enable you to ride high with search engines?

If you fit the gloves then you're all ready to make your site easily accessible to search engine crawlers. And the way to go is to start creating static copies of your dynamic pages. According to Google's Webmaster Guidelines, search engine spiders love static pages but first you need to set them up in the right manner - they have to be well-optimized in order to get organic search traffic.

Static Page Builder™ is a special SEO software that will do the job for you but using it is not for the faint-hearted. It's an elite SEO tool that will benefit internet marketing sites the most and you have to be web savvy to use it.

Although their search engine optimization service is not free, the company will offer a limited time free trial. If you'd rather have them to generate static page sets for your ecommerce site project, they can come up with a quote for you to consider.


Is BlogRush Dead In The Water?

The launch of BlogRush one week ago was a much-hyped affair with a massive rush by bloggers to get in early on this new traffic generating service. But it rapidly turned sour with many bloggers calling it an MLM or a pyramid scheme and that the system ain't what it's cracked up to be.

People were fuelled by the high expectations, and when positive results didn't come in early, many of them were just as fast in beating a retreat. Everyone has his or her own reasons why BlogRush is as good as being dead in the water within this short span of launch.

I wouldn't go so far in writing off BlogRush as a failure at this early stage.

We know John Reese (pic) and his team are working feverishly, if I may put it that way, to take out the gremlins in the system and improve on it. But somehow some people don't reason it that way. They are just simply brushing it aside or putting forth their own conclusions or theories why this BR thingy looks like a lame duck because early stat reports showing on their BR dashboard are pathetic to say the least.

Obviously, the so-called bad vibes one reads in comments on various blogs could have put off those who have yet to sign up with BR. This also sparks off post after post on why BR should be ditched because it won't be beneficial to users and so on.

They also thought the widget also "looks ugly" and takes up too much real estate space on their blogs. That makes me wonder if that's the problem faced by these blogs, how come they have other widgets like some of those community ones showing on their blogs. Makes you wonder, too?

But with this kind of heat, it's not surprising to see Mr Reese making replies to some accusations about the BR system.

Given the excitement and hype that surround the "rush job" launch of BR as I see it, the launch was bound to get some flak. In retrospect, if only BlogRush's launch was held back until the system is truly ready, then maybe the whole operaton could have gone a bit more smoothly. This may be just conjecture on my part -- only Income.com will know why they wanted to rush the product out.

New color variations for your widget

There are now new flavors for your BlogRush widget -- if you're still using the thingy. They come in several new color variations in the widget so you can choose one that will blend with your blog's color scheme. BlogRush have responded well by giving users these choices.But I hope they will go further by coming out with a widget that does not look like a widget - just give us the code that will only show links on the sidebar. I'm sure that will encourage the early dropouts to come back and give it another shot.Better still, why not make it resizable -- that will help blogs to resize the widget according to the space on their sidebars? And instead of restricting it only on the sidebar, why not design one that will fit in after a post, i.e. a widget that's either a square or a rectangle shape like the 300x250 Google ad?

And don't forget WordPress.com users

There are users with WordPress.com blogs wanting to use the widget but they can't -- because WP.com will not accept javascript. This may be an oversight by BlogRush. They can well ratify this by coming out with an HTML code version that can be placed in WP.com blogs. I 've seen quite a number of requests for this including myself because I have two other blogs running on WordPress.

Bonus credit system for low traffic blogs

Meanwhile, BlogRush are planning to add a bonus credit system to their service. This new credit bonus will only go to their low traffic members "since they need the help the most."

Yes, you heard right all of you who are experiencing low traffic to your blogs. According to BlogRush in their email to members today, this is one of their "many new improvements" that are on the way to help blogs get more targetted traffic by using their widget.

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What The Heck, No More PageRank Updates?

The last few days have seen a flurry of activities with the launch of John Reese's BlogRush... and the countdown is ticking away for DealDotCom.com to take off. Anytime now!

While there are some doubters, it seems the rest of Blogosphere are in a frenzy to get in on the action with these two new products. Well, you can say the thought of sweet traffic is driving them.

While everyone is scurrying left and right, here's the deal about the neverending story of Google PageRank.

Over at Search Engine RoundTable, it's latest post revealed that at the DigitalPoint Forums, a thread that was picked up quoted Google's Matt Cutts as saying you should not expect any PageRank updates.

Whether it's from the horse's mouth or not, the PageRank issue became a major topic of discussion on Sphinn. According to Search Engine RoundTable, many forum participants were of the opinion that PageRank should cease to exist.

Because of the contentious nature of the topic and with some people getting their goats with these long overdue updates, what is Google planning next?

You don't know. I don't know. Only Google knows. Would it be nice to ride the Internet highway without worrying too much about PageRank?


Enter A New Hot Widget Called BlogRush

Do you remember an Internet marketing product called Traffic Secrets that was launched just about three years ago and became a sensational hit? The marketing genius behind this product that showed online marketers how to build a viral web traffic was John Reese.

Traffic Secrets
drove past the million dollar mark in sales in one day and made John the golden boy of Internet marketing.
Now the guy is back with a brand new, free traffic program and it's creating an online buzz. For all we know, John's just launched project which is called BlogRush is looking like another piece of hot cake. It could be viral. It's his first creation of his upcoming income.com network.

BlogRush is viewed as a blog syndication network system
that will drive traffic to sites once webmasters have placed a small piece of code on their blogs. To get this widget, all you have to do is create an account with BlogRush. Remember it's free.

Andy Beard over at Niche Marketing Blog got wind of BlogRush quite early and wrote a comprehensive report about it. He's upbeat about the program, at least for the short term, and bloggers are advised to get in early and promote it before it starts to explode. But that remains to be seen.

Just to allay the doubts of some bloggers, BlogRush have indicated that their program is NOT for spam blogs or blogs that are primarily filled with ads. They also seem to be serious about the integrity of their service. According to them, they will only approve your account if you publish a "quality blog with real value for a blog visitor."
When you join BlogRush, their system can detect where you come from. The originating blog gets permanently marked in their system as the "referrer" for that new blog. The original blog will earn additional "syndication credit" on all the traffic that the referring blog produces -- every single day.

And here's the icing on the cake, if that new blog refers another user, the original blog then earns credits based on THAT new user as well.

And what about the widget? Yes, each time a page loads with this widget, it will refresh with 5 blog post titles (along with the name of the blog or author; the user's choice) and a link to the full post and blog. The links - from related blogs across the network - open in a new window so it doesn't take a visitor away from the original blog showing the widget.

With BlogRush coming from a guy who has proven that he knows a thing or two about viral traffic, it's easy to see why the rush is on to get on the bandwagon. But wait. BlogRush may really turn out to be a wonder product or it may fall short of expectation. We won't know the fallout unless we try it out for a while and see how far it pans out. Remember it doesn't cost a dime!

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Gunning For Glory In London

Me and my friends follow the English Premier League closely but we're not living anywhere on the British Isles. Oh yes, we're football aficionados. Talk about any London clubs, especially Arsenal and Chelsea, and we all go like crazy. Hey, I root for the Gunners and I'm hoping this season Arsene Wenger's young guns will do well to win back the title from Manchester United.

If this is gonna be Arsenal's year for glory, a trip to London may be a good idea to watch them take on the Red Devils at the Emirate Stadium. Got to check the date when the Gunners are entertaining the reigning EPL champions. By the way, it's also a good idea to check out the London hotels well ahead of the trip.

Cheaperthanhotels.com is a popular website where you can check for accomodation not only in London, but it also covers other locations like Scotland. If you're a Glasgow Rangers or Celtic fan, you might want to check on Glasgow hotels. And if you're a fan of Hearts of Midlothian or Hibernian, then you should look at Edinburgh hotels.


See Your Blog Fly With Some SEO "Magic"

Heck, most bloggers will come around, sooner or later, to this line of thinking: How can I work out some magic formula to see my blog fly?

Well, this has got to be the basic dilemma for bloggers with their sights targetted at the stratosphere of blogging. To get there or somewhere thereabout, would you pay $12,000 to an SEO company or simply kick-start yourself by diligently doing your own research and go for it?

WebProNews editor and writer Jason Lee Miller has discovered such a guy who has proven it by taking his blog from a ranking of 600 to 14 in about 100 days - doing it all himself.

Eric Dytzel from NoviceSEO.com, who operates the website TruckerHub.com, uses his prime target keyword phrase "trucker jobs" to get from here to there.

WebProNews talked with Dytzel about his blog posting called “How I Went from 600 to 14 on Google in 100 Days.” Dytzel discusses the tips he found while researching SEO and he credits some well-known SEO bloggers as his resources - like Aaron Wall of SEOBook and John Chow (don't tell me you don't know him!).

If you would like to know how Dytzel did his "magic," please be informed there was none. According to Dyzel, it was just fundamental SEO involving content, design, links, and good old-fashioned marketing. Read more in Jason's article.

If you're a savvy blogger or webmaster, you'll probably know most of the tactics and techniques to gain page rankings. But, anyhow, here are 11 do-it-yourself SEO tips from the WebProNews article for the benefits of newbies:

1. Regularly updated, useful content

2. Submit your site to reputable directories

3. Get people to link to you

4. Stay on topic

5. Send out press releases

6. Test, wait, measure

7. Add ALT tags to images

8. Create link bait

9. Pay careful attention to keyword density

10. Think quality links, not quantity

11. Create title tags with your search terms

And here's the WebProNews video on the subject...

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