PayPal Security: "Unsafe Browsers" Will Be Blocked

Are you one of those Internet users who are still clinging on to those ancient browsers such as Internet Explorer 3 or 4? And are you signed up with PayPal to do money transactions? If you are then you're facing a security problem and PayPal will take action to block out your old browser.

Oh, c'mon, don't be a fuddy duddy! Download the latest versions of browsers such as Firefox, Flock or Internet Explorer 7 so that you won't feel sorry later on.

Well, here's the skinny on what you're in for if you don't make an effort to switch to newer and safer versions of these browsers.

Thanks to widespread phishing and other online attacks, web payment company PayPal has given notice that it will block "unsafe browsers" from using its service. It's a PayPal security measure for your own good.

According to a BBC report on its website, PayPal will first warn customers that certain browsers are unsafe. If customers continue to use its service without changing browsers, they will then be blocked.

The latest version of Internet Explorer support EV SSL certificates, while Firefox 2 supports it with an add-on but Apple's Safari browser for Mac and PCs does not.

"By displaying the green glow and company name, these newer browsers make it much easier for users to determine whether or not they're on the site that they thought they were visiting," said PayPal in a white paper on managing phishing.

Hopefully by now, most browser users would have upgraded to newer versions. But, obviously, there are still some holdouts in the World Wide Web who have not done so for whatever reasons. I assume they only make up a very small percentage of Net users still stuck with old browsers.

If you have not upgraded, here are three recommended browsers to download:

1. Firefox

2. Internet Explorer 7

3. Flock (I'm now using Flock as my main browser, it's cool).


Cancer The Crab said...

I think PayPal has the right idea. You have to stay one step ahead of the hackers. I switched over to Firefox a while ago and I never looked back.

Dale Ng said...

PayPal is keeping abreast of the times. Yes, one needs the latest browsers to keep away phishing and hacking. I use Firefox and Flock with Flock being my main browser at the moment.

Makeover Games said...

I've forgotten the last time I used Internet Explorer since I began using firefox. All the cool plugins and stuffs, you couldn't go wrong.

Real-estate Gurus said...

It's good that PayPal is doing this for users to be secure with their accounts.

Yanurmal said...

It's make me more confident with paypal. I hope next time paypal will add some more features to make us more easy to use their services.

gcpr said...

Me too .. firefox and flock is best combination.
why risking our own security by still using those old browsers??

Megapixels said...

I guess some "late adopters" just have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the new age. It's hard to believe anyone is still using such old versions, but I guess it takes all kinds.

GPS said...

Well about time I think. Paypal deals with a huge amount in transactions, any potential loopholes cannot be left open.