Bloggers, Reach Out with Valued Comments

Say You, Say Me  Do you want to be an isolated blogger? A blogging frog in the well? Surely, that's not what you want to be. You want to reach out and communicate with other bloggers by leaving constructive and meaningful comments on their sites. That's how you can get good karma and your blog benefits by having these other bloggers coming over to check you out.

One of the strategies to get traffic coming to your blog is to create a high profile by making yourself to be seen on the radar. Commenting on other blogs is one way to get noticed. Okay, it's not exactly a new topic and it has been bandied around in the blogging community. I'm just posting this as a passing thought. It might do some good to new bloggers.

By leaving comments on other blogs you will grab attention, develop a personal brand and create backlinks. This is a proven method.  But don't just leave comments that are trite and commonplace such as " I agree", "good post", "yeah!" and so on.

One viewpoint is that if you give value by commenting in a constructive and sincere manner on a blog, then it should not be looked upon as spamming although the idea behind it is to gain traffic. Don't try to leave your site's URL with your comment because this is always frowned upon by most bloggers.

It is possible for you to be controversial with an opposite viewpoint without being rude and obnoxious. I'm sure no one would like to let his or her blog become a venue for flaming, name-calling or worse.

However, not everyone will be able to follow this strategy right down to the letter. The other point to consider is that many people are not full-time bloggers and to spend hours going from site to site can be a very taxing exercise although we are aware of some bloggers who are very active travelling along this route.

Sometimes, we also need to understand that, for some bloggers, the quality of the comment does NOT come easy for them. One must have a flair for it. Bearing in mind all this, if you can do it, then DO it. Comment.

One caveat to remember is that, despite the traffic you are getting, few people would bother to post a comment on your site if your content is shallow and crappy. To encourage comments from visitors, you need to write compelling articles that resonate with your readers.

A blog is an interactive discussion platform of which the author decides on the topic and the visitor is given the incentive to engage in a discussion.

What do you think?

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fingerstyle said...

Hi friend, I tend to go along with your views but still there are some who are just as stuck-up...no matter how you want to make connections with them.

Chris said...

Leaving comments can be helpful in getting people to know about you as I had experienced in my two years of blogging.

Motorcycle plates said...

Blogging is ALL about the socialising. It can't be a one way thing - if you never comment on someone else's blog, why would they be bothered about reading yours?

Health and Wellness said...


Commenting is one way of knowing how effective pour blog/s. As we all know this is also the form of connecting to other people by leaving a comment of reaction about a specific topic.

Maartje van Hoorn said...

Hey you.

I'm hardly new to the blogging world but I suppose you can say I've been on a break, and this advice never really fails.

Thank you for reminding me again, and take care!

x Maartje

Ps. It's shocking to see how many of my favorite bloggers have stopped being active, or at least, how many blogs don't update anymore. There I was, trying to make comments on places I felt like commenting, only to find out that the latest post was over three months old. Quite sad, really. Luckily one of yours is still here :).

Markk said...

> Maartje: Glad you drop by. It's been a while and yes, some of us are dropping out of the blogging scene or slowing down for various reasons. Did a post on this "Where have all the bloggers gone?" on this same site. But it's great to know you are still active. Sometimes a nice break is good to refresh. Cheers!

Maartje van Hoorn said...

Hey again Mark, I read that post too, and am in fact sorry for not staying in touch. You pretty much took me under your wing when I just started out, anyway. Still very greatful for that.

Added this blog to 'my inspirations' list on my blog instead of your commonsense blog ;).

mizah said...

Hi friend,
I always read your blogs but this blog is the best blog i have ever read.

Ground Info said...

I think the chain of blogging and comments which has been started is useful and helpful and will also be in the future.I appreciate it at all as i got much help from it during my 3 years.Thanks for sharing this blog who has a nice.Good luck

hank freid said...

I think you have a great post. Thanks for sharing this post. Keep it up

Live Wire said...

i totally agree with this... the people who leave well-thought out and insightful comments are the people that attract attention. useless comments get easily ignored.

Motorcycle Clothing said...

Do post the comments which people always appreciate when they read it,it will have a great impact on blog as well as on the post.

Markk said...

> thanks, all you guys for dropping by and leaving comments. You're not just leaving your footprints here. You're leaving a link here for some other folks who might be curious to click on your link and pay you a visit, lol! Kathy of LiveWire says it best.

Motorcycle Jackets said...

If you want to get traffic on your website then you have to to Search Engine Optimization of your website and nice post,keep writing this kind of posts.

Free Links said...

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Internet Marketing said...

It is best to be the first few to blog about some new happenings within your niche. This is how you gain popularity and authority. - Rif Chia