Review RevResponse: Get 50 Bucks...But Be Quick!

As I write this post, those of you who might be interested in making 50 bucks had better sign up with RevResponse.com as soon as possible because you only have just about 13 days to make the cut in this promotion. RevResponse is calling it the July Challenge and you can get more details at the RevResponse blog.

Once you have signed up with them, just write a review of at least 200 words about RevResponse. Okay, we are in a rush but you'll probably want to ask: "What the heck is RevResponse?"

Well, RevResponse is all about providing B2B marketers free information through subscription with a unique online lead generation service. They have an awesome list of nearly 900 free trade and career-oriented magazine subscriptions that you or your organization can subscribe. Would you want to read for free "Business Week", "Website Magazine", "Target Marketing", "Internet Retailer" and "White Papers" just to name a few?

As a RevResponse partner cum web publisher, you are given a co-branded site as you can see mine here (partly) on this screenshot where an extensive list of free trade magazine subscriptions and technical document downloads is on view for you to choose and apply for a subscription.

With this partner site you can start generating revenue by simply providing your viewers with information content and relevant offers related to their professional needs.

For every qualified free magazine subscription or document download generated through your website and marketing campaigns, RevResponse will compensate you competitively. In short, while you monetize your site as a RevResponse partner you are providing free offers of value to your readers.

Look up the co-branded site and you will find the titles that best match your skills and interests. Topics include Customer Relationship Management (CRM), call center management, advertising and public relations.

RevResponse is the online arm of TradePub.com which has been serving the publishing industry since 1994. The company, as the leader of online subscription services for controlled circulation publications, has been generating qualified leads for B2B publishers in dozens of industries. TradePub.com is a division of NetLine Corporation which is headquartered in Los Gatos, California.


buckie said...

Thanks for the info. Might give it a shot and see how it goes.

Rich said...

I'd sure like to here from some bloggers about the revenues, but for a chance at 50 bucks, it's certainly worth doing the review. Thanks for the info.